Stay Warm and Be Kind


When fall and winter hits, it’s time to put away the tank tops, sandals and shorts and bring out the jackets, sweaters and boots. But oftentimes, warmer clothing includes animal based products such as leather, wool, and fur. Here are three swaps to ensure you stay warm and comfortable while adding ethics and compassion to your closet.

Cotton is a fantastic swap for wool. It has a great density while being soft. This natural fiber is perfect as a sweater and acts great as a liner or filling for jackets. Swapping animal skin for plant based or faux leather is ideal for a heavier weather protectant. This swap is just as durable as animal leather.

Plant based leathers, such as those made from pineapple skin, keeps you dry and warm while being friendlier to the environment and your wallet.

The fashion industry utilizes animal fur for coats and decorative trims in their winter lines, but did you know animals are often skinned alive? Swapping real fur for faux fur made from acrylic and polyester not only looks fashionable it also can often times look, move, and feel extremely close to actual fur.