The Dream is Over


The music, the countless sunburns, the mosh pits, the broken noses — it’s all coming to an end. The Warped Tour will have its final tour in 2018. Founder Kevin Lyman has finally decided to pull the plug. For almost a quarter of a century, Warped Tour has been a part of so many people’s lives. For me, it’s the end of a movement.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine on Nov. 15, Kevin Lyman, who founded the festival in 1995, said that numerous factors, including an evolving summer festival industry, a shrinking pool of bands and declining ticket sales amongst its teenage demographic, led him to declare the tour’s 24th year its last.

“Before Warped I was on three years of Lollapalooza, so [it’s been] 26 straight summers out on the road,” Lyman tells Billboard. “Not that I’m completely going anywhere, but traveling around the country with a tour this size in the landscape that we’re in is… to be honest, I’m just tired.”

The original 1995 line up had No Doubt, Sublime, and Deftones. Some of the bands that had their break on Warped Tour are Blink-182, No Doubt, Avenged Sevenfold, and even Katy Perry. Regardless of the tours “punk’ scene, they’ve also featured acts like Kid Rock, The Black Eyed Peas, and Eminem.

Some bands and fans of Warped Tour have taken to Twitter and other social media to show their feelings on the ending of the tour.

Joliana Frausto a fan of Warped Tour and Southern California resident said, “I feel like this an end of an era for emos. Warped tour 2016 in Pomona was one of the best days of my life, and I’m going to miss having something to look forward to every summer. I go to a lot of music festivals, and this was one of the only ones where I felt like I was a part of a community. However, I am excited to see what’s next for this scene”

For me, I also felt as if I were a part of that Warped Tour community. I remember reading the line up being super stoked that a lot of older bands were coming back like Hatebreed, Bad Religion and even some newer bands that I’ve wanted to see like my favorite pirate metal band Alestorm. The following week, I bought my ticket, and the day couldn’t get here any sooner.

From punk to emo and bruises to broken bones, there have to be countless stories of injuries. For me, it happened at this year’s tour, where I found myself walking toward the Monster Mutant North stage where Hatebreed was about to play. As I’m walking up just before their set all you hear is “Merica, FUCK YEAH!!” from the movie Team America: World Police. I make it to the front and decided I wasn’t going to mosh, but instead, try to enjoy the music this year.

I don’t think the mosh pit felt the same because as soon as Jamey Jasta, frontman of Hatebreed said “open up this pit,” I started getting bumped into and as soon as I turn around I see a fist hurdling toward my face, then it went black. I could hear the music, but I couldn’t see anything because I had my eyes shut so hard because of the intense pain coming from my face. Some of the fellow crowd members tried to get my attention to tell me something but I just waved them off saying I was good.

It wasn’t until about the third song in that someone grabbed my shoulder, looked me straight in the eye, and pointed at my nose making a gesture with his fingers that indicated my nose was crooked. In a panic, I reached for my phone to look at the reflection. My nose was broken and swollen as hell. I went to the back of the stage to see the paramedics and they told me I should go to the Emergency Room to get my face checked out. Needless to say, being the careless person I am, I disregarded everything they told me because I was not going to miss Alestorm who was one of the main reasons I was at that show.

I ended up at around 4:30 p.m. going to their signing at their merch tent and I finally made it to the front of the line. I told them how I broke my nose, but didn’t want to leave because I had really wanted to see them. The singer told me that I should probably go to the hospital, to which I responded, “Well I came to see you guys play!” His response was, “ahh, and then go to the hospital!” I didn’t have anything to sign so I handed them my phone, not knowing that they were going to be taking selfies. It wasn’t until later that night I found the pictures of them clowning around

It’s events like these that make me believe that I will miss going to Warped Tour. I’ll miss everything from the bandana on my face because of the huge dirt clouds from the circle mosh pits, to the huge water slide that’s been there for me when the sun was almost too unbearable, and most of all, the comradery of all the people who came to just enjoy the music.

I’ll miss those random sweaty people who I went arm and arm within those pits. Every single person that has picked me up when I was down on the ground. The Mohawks, the combat boots, the scene kids, the punk rockers, the merch booths. I can’t help but be taken over by a bit of sadness from the memories that were made and everyone I have come in contact with. I’m happy I had a part in history with the Vans Warped Tour.