Associated Students’ First Veto Funds Trip For Seven PTK Members


Richmond Tang, left, considers the appropriation as Jacob Duarte, Gloria Barrera (behind Heredia), Jessica Heredia, and Kevin Chu look on. Photo Credit: Joshua Sanchez/SAC.Media.

Associated Students President Shadiyah Omar vetoed Phi Theta Kappa’s appropriation amount on Sept. 11.

The veto came six days after the AS senate and executive board approved $9,845 in funding for PTK.

Omar said she vetoed the appropriation because it takes up 20 percent of the travel budget, and wanted to keep things fair for other organizations.

The veto came back to the AS senate on Sept. 18. Representatives for PTK also came back to the senate to fight for the funding they thought they had secured.

The original struggle for funding was on Sept. 4, when their original requested amount totaled $15,671 to send 14 members to PTK Catalyst.

PTK Catalyst is the organization’s annual convention where 500 chapters and 4,000 individuals meet to receive awards, engage with guest speakers, and participate in workshops.

The original requested amount would have taken 30 percent of the annual conference and travel budget. Finance Senator Richmond Tang, cut the figure down to $9,845, at about 20 percent.

In Tang’s proposed appropriation amount, officers would have to provide their own transportation from the airport to the hotel and pay $59 each.

When Tang co-sponsored the funding, the item passed with five in favor, and an abstention from STEM senator Kevin Chu. The executive board had three in favor of the motion without any opposition or abstentions.

When PTK left 9C on Sept. 4, they had secured funding for their members.

When they came back on Sept. 18, they found out that only half of the people they wanted to send could go.

Omar’s veto made it so that seven people could attend PTK Catalyst, fully funded.

While originally ball-parking the figure at $7,500, the now senate chair Richmond Tang, finalized the amount to $6,934.

A motion to overturn the veto was made, and subsequently failed to reach a five person majority.

Instead the motion split the board.

Political Senator Nicholas Ibarra, Arts Senator Jessica Heredia, and Chu voted in favor of overturning the veto.

Academic Senator Jazmine Heredia, Faculty Relations Senator Jacob Duarte, and Activities Senator Gloria Barrera voted against.

Tang, as senate chair, had no vote.

As a result, the veto stood and the funding will be reduced to $6,934, and only six members will attend the conference with the adviser.

While PTK President Yasir Chaudhry said he would have preferred the original arrangement, but he thanked the board for their funding.