Groups Gather For LA Women’s March

Activists of all backgrounds join the event

The Women’s March became a statement about more than women.

Activists of all groups joined in solidarity with the event for a chance to be heard by the 200,000 people that came out to Downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 19.

One group is the Revolutionary Communists, who have set up speeches at other events, like the May Day March. Their message was delivered by several presenters, but one theme remains constant – a revolution is needed.

One presenter was Atlas Winfrey, who said he got his start in the group by running into revolutionaries that struggled with him.

Winfrey described the philosophy as a science instead of just an idea and said that he found answers to tough questions when he looked into it.

During his presentation, he encouraged people to check out the website and look into Bob Avakian.

“We’re fighting for another world,” he said.

He described that world as to one that views immigrants as full human beings, that does not fear women and that does not have borders.

Winfrey then, in connecting the revolution to the Women’s March, outlined how society has ruined men and women by addressing the billion dollar pornography industry. In his speech, he questioned why this degradation of women allows for rape fantasies to be one of its biggest hits, adding that porn contributes to rape culture where men see women as objects.

“If you can’t imagine sex without porn, you’re f*ed,” he said.

Winfrey then added that women’s place is in the revolution and that no one should stop fighting until all injustices are eliminated.

The main event took off with similar feelings of injustice.

“An injury against one is an injury against all,” a woman said in Spanish and English.

Speakers there provided personal anecdotes of empowerment.

One was a high school dropout who graduated college out of Boyle Heights and told the crowd to not wait to be told it’s their turn.

Another said she did it for young girls everywhere, including a fifth grade student named “Gwendolyn” who called her office in support of the teachers. Before “Gwendolyn” hung up, she told the speaker that someday she would run for president and the speaker told everyone to not let anything get in their way.

Those in attendance were encouraged to be fearless.