Gil Cisneros Is Coming To Hacienda Heights

The District 39 representative is hosting their first town hall


Gil Cisneros’ Twitter photo layered above the inside of the Los Altos High School Hacienda.

President of the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District board, Martin Medrano, gave a report to the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association on Jan. 28 announcing Gilbert Cisneros’ first town hall.

Cisneros was elected to represent District 39 after incumbent Edward Royce retired. He defeated challenger Young Kim by receiving 51.6 percent of the electorate and 126,002 votes; Kim received 118,391 votes.

Transitioning into office was a challenge.

Medrano said that there were security issues during the campaign that were unprecedented in his experience. He would not comment further on what those issues were, but said precautions will be taken for the town hall.

The meeting will start at 3 p.m. on Feb. 2 in Los Altos High School’s Little Theater (also known as the Hacienda).

There was a request to sign up for the meeting as a security precaution. To establish a head count, attendees are encouraged to sign up to the eventbrite.

Medrano added that the district has a field office in Fullerton and is working to establish one in Diamond Bar, He also said there was a struggle to get Royce’s old office space when the team tried to reach out for it.

In his political career so far, Cisneros had allegations against him during the campaign of suggestive sexual advances, which were later recanted, and he also signed a letter to not support Nancy Pelosi, which drew some criticism from those who voted for him.