Cinespia, a Breather from Holiday Madness

Watch “Gremlins” tomorrow with fellow fans, surrounded by the feeling only Cinespia’s vintage Christmas can give


Photo by Nate.Cho on Flickr.

As you walk into the Palace Theater in the heart of Los Angeles, California, your senses are heightened after passing the ticket booth. Eyes gaze at the walls of the retro architecture and wallpaper of America’s pastime. The smell of melted butter and popcorn fills the air and makes your mouth water. There is a draft of cool air flowing through this historic building that was built in 1911.

The Christmas decorations can make one feel the holiday cheer buzzing at this theatre. You are then greeted by Cinespia volunteers as they direct you to the theater to take a seat. These seats are old fashioned, red comfy bucket seats. There are long, delicate drapes that cover the silver screen, just like theaters used to before digital streaming started being done at home.

This event is called Cinespia, a movie screening event partnered with Amazon Prime, which will be showing the movie “Gremlins” for the film’s 35th anniversary on Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m. “Gremlins” fans can celebrate Christmas vintage-style, with ’80s music, DJs, bars and an on-set designed photo booth. For movie goers, Cinespia is where fans can bond underneath the stars to watch a classic film for an intimate community experience. During the holiday season and due to the cold weather conditions, showings are held at The Palace Theatre or other vintage theaters.

Movie events are announced on To get into the holiday spirit, Cinespia encourages all cosplay costumes for the showing of “Gremlins.” Fans can dress up like their favorite characters and join the fun at the decorated photo booth with onsite photographers. Cinespia also offers a free print out photo at their modern instant photo booth.

Volunteers also sell food, popcorn, candy and drinks to curb your hunger. For the warm summer screening nights, Cinespia is usually held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. At this location, movie-goers are encouraged to bring their own blankets, coolers, lawn chairs and picnic supplies to relax during the showing. This outdoor experience was founded by entrepreneur John Wyatt, and has been traditionally going on since 2002. Hollywood Forever Cemetery and vintage theaters offer movie buffs a timeless experience for Cinespia events. Cinespia’s winter celebration event of “Gremlins” can give their viewers an opportunity to help alleviate themselves from holiday stress.

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