Staff Picks: Mother!

The fifth installment of a series showcasing our staff’s favorite movies and why they love them


Photo courtesy of Protozoa Pictures/Paramount Pictures

“Mother!” is a cinematic masterpiece that reveals a deeper meaning of mother nature and the stories in the Bible. This movie had me confused from start to finish when I first watched it. It begins showing a woman and a house on fire, then a stone being placed onto a holder of some type. Once the stone is placed, it pans to the house being renewed and rebuilt. Then it pans to the upstairs bedroom, very quiet and peaceful, capturing the main character, played by Jennifer Lawrence, roaming around her house looking for her husband. The husband then appears.

I first notice how Lawrence shows her support towards him and his writing although he sort of just shrugs it off. The next scene that plays, shows her painting the walls and for a moment she stares at the wall then walks up to it and places her hands on it. She then goes into a trance, closing her eyes, and starts to picture and feel a heart beating. She does this in quite a few more scenes as the movie goes on which signifies some deeper connection between her and the house.

The next scenes then show a man and woman appearing out of nowhere which I think play as Adam and Eve. Once they show up, all hell starts to break loose. The first big scene that happens is when the random woman (Eve) drops and breaks the stone (the forbidden fruit). After the stone breaks (the first sin), it then shows a scene of Adam and Eve having sex. Then to fast forward, a whole bunch of other things began to happen that left Mother confused and pushed to the side while the husband (God) just let all these random people come into their house invading their privacy, while also praising him and his work. He’s basically just selfish and pushes his wife’s feelings and needs to the side the whole time. This behavior to me kind of signifies how God created man to worship him above all else.

These are just a few scenes that I explained. Overall, this movie really is an amazing one in my opinion. Although, I had to look up the meaning behind this movie because I didn’t fully get it, but once I read the explanation it all clicked. When the scenes were all broken down and explained, it all made sense to me and made me appreciate the film even more.

I think the way they filmed this was genius. It was chaotic. But it was a great way of symbolizing how this world became and how it is. The way they encapsulated some of these biblical stories and how mother nature is being treated, it was done in a very artsy way that I don’t know if a lot of people will get right off the bat. But “Mother!” is definitely worth watching, if you’re into those kinds of weird and puzzling movies.