SCP Foundation: Explained

Do these creatures and anomalies actually exist?


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The SCP Foundation Wiki is a fictional, creative website where users submit stories of the anomalies and oddities they’ve encountered in the world. Some may think it’s far fetched, while others believe the stories are true.

For those who are unfamiliar, according to its website, the SCP Foundation operates to “Secure, Protect and Contain” threats like anomalous entities or monstrous creatures that may cause any physical or psychological harm from people and the world. There are over 4,000 SCP-related stories and most are quite terrifying to read.

Here are the top four scariest SCP entities reported.

SCP 799 – Carnivorous Blanket

Via SCP Foundation Wiki

The blanket varies in size, appearance and shape, and is commonly made of a knit or soft wool material. It is usually a warm childhood blanket that many keep for comfort.

But this is not just any ordinary blanket. SCP 799 has the ability to transform into its predatory form if left without nutrition for long periods of time. It can live for a long time from feeding off animal dander and dead human skin cells.

The predatorial transformation consists of its cloth-like structure turning into a mouth with sharp rows of teeth. However, the transformation cannot be seen by the eyes of an observer.

Once the changes are complete, SCP 799 waits for the unsuspecting victim to wrap it around their body or cover themselves with it. Then, as soon as the victim falls asleep or is at a state of rest, the feeding phase begins. It will latch on to the victim with its sharp teeth and tears off several pieces of flesh and bone from the body.

After satisfying its appetite, it goes back to normal and looks like a regular blanket.

SCP XXXX – Backrooms

Via SCP Foundation WIki

There is no assigned SCP number to the Backrooms due to the number of underlying elements to the SCP, therefore it will be referred to as the “Backrooms.”
The Backrooms is the name that has been given to a collection of levels and areas that are outside of standard reality. There are thousands of levels to the Backrooms and each level is uniquely different.

To access the levels of the Backrooms, one must be “no-clipped” or glitched out of reality. These glitches in reality are often areas near walls that do not have shadows and are darker than usual. Areas that feel off put or doors that appear out of place might also be glitches in reality.

Once someone enters the Backrooms, they will start at level zero. Level zero consists of an infinite labyrinth of empty rooms that almost resemble an office building. All the walls are faded yellow with floral-print wallpaper and the carpets have a moist texture.

The Backrooms glow by dull, yellow lights that emit a buzzing sound. Most levels are home to many scary creatures and entities. Traveling between levels varies as they are all connected in an odd way. For example, if there are doors and you enter it, you can possibly be in a random level, not following a specific sequence. Surviving or getting out of the Backrooms remains a mystery.

SCP 3008 – Infinite IKEA

Via SCP Foundation WIki

Not too far down the road from campus, adventures can be found at the place with lots of furniture and tasty Swedish meatballs. Better known as IKEA, the furniture store holds the anomaly, SCP 3008. For those who like IKEA, be careful if you go at night because the workers might sneak up and get you.

This alternate reality story involves the store itself. Shoppers or non-IKEA workers that enter this specific IKEA, disappearing right after, only to reappear and question what they saw.

Some say they have seen things like 7-foot tall, faceless creatures with inconsistent body proportions, dressed in a uniform to resemble an IKEA worker. These entities are only reported being seen at night and become hostile to anyone trying to leave the store. And if you try to run or escape, they may try to kill you.

The exits to the SCP 3008 building remain altered, there is not a fixed position, which makes it difficult to leave.

SCP 096 – Shy Guy

Via SCP Foundation WIki

Known to most in the SCP foundation, SCP 096 Shy Guy is considered to be one of the most villainous entities on the site. The story behind Shy Guy is that he was an introverted child of Korean descent who was bullied for his appearance. This caused him to have very low self-esteem and fall into a depression. He eventually grew up to be a terrifying monster with impeccable intelligence.

He is the definition of creepy to a T. He is 9 feet tall, pale and so skinny that his bones show through skin. His arms are unproportionally long and gangly.

Very similar to a baby, Shy Guy spends most of his time in the fetal position crying when someone looks at him. His loud cries get worse until you get close enough for him to attack. He relies on his intelligence to take out prey when it’s not looking.

And don’t look Shy Guy in his eyes. If you hear noises of crying, watch out. It might be Shy Guy waiting in the corner to attack you.

These fantasies and myths may be easy to make up and write, but has there ever been a time when you felt like someone or something sinister and unexplainable was watching you? It could have been an encounter with an SCP and you didn’t even know it.

There are numerous stories of SCP experiences, and it’s up to you to decide if you believe them or not. One thing is for certain: we live in a crazy world where lots of unexplainable things happen each day.

Halloween has been known to bring out the scary in the world. So, be sure to be careful, watch your back and never trust your surroundings. Who knows – you could be in the presence of an SCP right now.