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Doctor Strange Redefines The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Armando Sanchez May 25, 2022

Words like “creative,” “innovative” and “wild” don’t usually come to mind when watching previous Marvel Studios movies. That was not the case for “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of...

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Staff Picks: Experiencing New Love In Italy

Karla Ortega May 18, 2022

It is not often that love stories portrayed through movies ended in a heartbreak. More importantly, it is rare for a love story of two men to be portrayed through film, in a manner filled with no boundaries. Typically,...

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Cartoons Are Not Just For Kids

Natasha Castanedo May 6, 2022

For more than 20 years, cartoons targeted towards adults have exploded onto the mainstream. This shift in American television was somewhat surprising because cartoons were traditionally viewed as children’s...

Staff Picks: Pick Up These Books Today

Staff Picks: Pick Up These Books Today

Staff May 3, 2022

The Homelanders Series Do you remember being in high school, where the only thing you had to worry about was getting to class on time and turning in homework? Do you remember going to bed early and waking...

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Campus Divided Over Batman

“The Batman (2022)” has garnered critical acclaim from critics and positive reviews from audiences online. After its opening weekend, SAC.Media went out on the campus to see what everyone thought...

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Top Six Reasons Batman Impressed You

Armando Sanchez March 17, 2022

As the second biggest pandemic debut, “The Batman (2022)” has made a big box office record for Warner Bros and has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Now, let’s look back...

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Disney’s Latest Leaves Audiences Amazed

Jianping Cao February 3, 2022

A lovely little girl treads lightly with her tiny toes into a dim and damp tunnel. This 10-year-old wants to find out where the secret chamber is in order to see the mysterious Dragon Gem, but her father,...

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Lamb Leaves Horror Fans Reeling

Gabby Flores, News Editor December 9, 2021

“Lamb” is a new Icelandic horror drama film directed by Vladimar Jóhannsson that was released in October 2021. Distributed by A24, “Lamb” is one of many horror films released around Halloween....

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Netflix’s Squid Game Becomes Global Success

Maggie Ho October 27, 2021

Netflix’s newest show, “Squid Game”, which was written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, has become one of the most popular shows in the world since it premiered on Sept 17. The South Korean thriller...

Movie Masterpieces Part 3 – Movies From Our Childhood

“Peter Pan” from Oscar Beltran My favorite movie of all time has to be the original 1953 Walt Disney Pictures, “Peter Pan.” This was the very first Disney film I had ever watched and I fell in...

Graphic by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

Movie Masterpieces Part 2 – Dramas

“Good Will Hunting” from Frank Liang It was difficult for me to choose a favorite movie of all time since I have so many, so I chose one of my favorite movies: “Good Will Hunting” directed by...

Graphic by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

Movie Masterpieces Part 1 – Action and Sci-Fi

“Kill Bill Vol. 1” from Amelia Alim In 2003, Quentin Tarantino directed a cinematic masterpiece and my favorite movie of all time: “Kill Bill: Vol. 1.” This movie gained attention for the thrilling...

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