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What Starbucks Holiday Drinks Were Worth It?

Maggie Ho January 18, 2022

To celebrate the holidays, Starbucks launched six holiday drinks on Nov. 4. Starbucks is notorious for their unique coffee drinks and customizable options on their beverages, so many fans are racing to...

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Y2K Fashion is Making a Comeback

Maggie Ho January 7, 2022

Trends are constantly coming and going, but a trend that seems to be staying is the Y2K aesthetic. Y2K refers to fashion which styles pieces from the late ‘90s to the early 2000s. The return of this...

Wikimedia Commons photo of Adele for Vogue in 2021

Adele’s “30” Is Flooded With Emotional Trauma, Healing

Samantha Acevedo December 28, 2021

Six years after the 10 times platinum certified “25,” Adele announced her return with her upcoming fourth album “30” on Twitter. Following the announcement of “30,” Adele has since released...

Nicki Minaj image from Adobe.

Nicki Minaj’s Timeline of Controversy

Samantha Acevedo, Pop Editor November 1, 2021

Infamous rapper Nicki Minaj has been under fire after numerous anti-vaccination tweets. One tweet included the experience of a friend of her cousin who allegedly had experienced swollen testicles and a...

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle’s controversial Netflix special “The Closer” gains traction

Samantha Acevedo, Pop Editor October 29, 2021

Netflix workers organized a walkout on Oct. 20, in protest of Netflix’s decision to keep Dave Chapelle’s stand-up comedy “The Closer” in light of anti-transphobic jokes made during the special. On...

Yolanda Hadid Alleges Zayn Malik Struck Her.

Image from Adobe.

Yolanda Hadid alleges that Zayn Malik “Struck” her

Samantha Acevedo, Pop Editor October 28, 2021

On Oct. 28, sources revealed that Yolanda Hadid claimed that Zayn Malik, husband of daughter Gigi Hadid, “struck” her sometime last week. The mother of the super models told sources that the former...

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hispanic

Vanessa Feliciano, Campus Features Editor May 31, 2021

Hispanics are often stereotyped to look a certain way according to society, and if not they don’t adhere to the stereotypes, they are not seen as Hispanic. This happens a lot with celebrities. Some have...

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe will Welcome Us Back to the Big Screens

Amber Ortiz, Editor in Chief May 7, 2021

2020 was a tough year and it didn’t help that Marvel Studios didn’t release a film during the whole pandemic. Instead, they pushed back release dates for their scheduled films like “Black Widow.”...

Graphic by Amber Ortiz/SAC.Media

Best Frenemies Clapback Tweets

Amber Ortiz, Pop Editor April 30, 2021

As we all know, the hit podcast show “Frenemies,” hosted by Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, has taken over the internet. Clips of this podcast are all over everyone’s Twitter timeline, TikTok For...

Starbucks 5 Best Secret Menu Drinks

Starbucks 5 Best Secret Menu Drinks

Chiara Lindsay January 14, 2021

Do you order the same drink from Starbucks every day? Some people tend to not switch up their order because they either are scared to try something new, or they don't know any other drink that is good,...

Graphic by Amber Ortiz/SAC.Media.

Gift Guide for the Super Fan in Your Life

Amber Ortiz, Pop Editor December 10, 2020

The holidays are coming up and they’re coming fast. I swear Halloween just happened! Besides the global pandemic happening, Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re shopping...

President William McKinley with a superimposed parrot for representation purposes. Photo by Monica Inouye / SACmedia.

6 Bizarre Names of President’s Pets

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor December 2, 2020

Presidential pets have been a tradition at the White House since George Washington; only two presidents never kept pets. While President Obama’s Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo and Sunny, and President Bush’s...

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