OC Fair Drive-Thru Experience and Review

Graphic by Delilah Perez/SAC.Media

Delilah Perez, Arts & Entertainment Editor

September 18, 2020

SAC Media’s Arts and Entertainment editor, Delilah Perez gives an inside look at the OC Fair Food Drive-Thru from the comfort, and safety, of her car. Perez tries various foods from different vendors such as Hawaiian Chicken Bowls, Cathy’s Cookies, and more. She shares her experience on this event...

Mental Health Withers With Us While COVID Carries On

By Cara on Flickr

Jaylen Minnich Hall, Community Features Editor

September 11, 2020

As we pass the six-month mark of COVID-19 lockdown measures, many are struggling with their mental health as a result of the ongoing extension of social distancing measures and confinement. According to a study in The Lancet, “Confinement, loss of usual routine, and reduced social and physical contact wi...

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Photo courtesy of Ryan Cheung.

Delilah Perez

August 31, 2020

Although he was classically trained, it was through his appreciation of the wild, off-the-rails tempo of gypsy influenced music, and the strikingly grand musical notes of 18th century musician Niccolò Paganini that violinist Ryan Cheung, 23, developed a love for uncertainty, freedom and surprise. Originally...

Local Essential Workers Don’t Feel Safe

Photo by: U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Alexandria Lee.

Jaylen Minnich Hall, Community Features Editor

August 24, 2020

Throughout the pandemic there has been contradicting information and quickly changing guidelines for businesses to follow in order to maintain safety. This has put major stress on workers who have no other option but to go back to work. Many workers feel unsafe in their environment because of the inab...

Fourth of July 2020

Photo courtesey of John Beltran.

Riley Martinez and Abraham Navarro

July 4, 2020

This Saturday is the Fourth of July, the United States celebration of independence, and one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year. We all look forward to it every year: the barbecue, running around and playing with our cousins, potato sack races. Even if you didn’t have a family celebration to...

Pandemic Pressures Undocumented Immigrants

Student Geovanna Costillo held a sign that said, “This Dream Does Not End!” at the head of the May Day March. Photo Credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Abraham Navarro

March 27, 2020

As COVID-19 travels across international lines, the unnerving feeling of uncertainty begins to settle into our daily routines. But some communities see this as an unwanted bonus to the already growing problems they face as an adversary to their only way of life. With issues such as green cards, work...

Companies Lending a Helping Hand

Graphic by Natalie Lu/SAC.Media.

Jesse Espitia

March 25, 2020

With California Gov. Gavin Newsom launching a stay at home order, many individuals are finding themselves out of work and unable to pay their bills or rent. Because temporary layoffs have been issued around the state, employees are being instructed to apply for unemployment to try to make ends meet. ...

Inside West Covina’s Haunted Park

A lost dog poster is found taped to a vandalized oak tree beyond the entrance to the park on March 4, 2020. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Abraham Navarro, Nadia Vazquez, and Esmeralda Torres

March 20, 2020

Since West Covina’s days as a collection of citrus fields, there have been stories that were passed down and twisted by those who inhabit the city. Imaginations were left to run wild in the caged confines of schoolyards across the city, filling the parks and public places of West Covina with spirits,...

10 Cal State Long Beach Students in Self-Quarantine

Photo courtesy of Wikipidia Commons.

Katie Priddy, Angel Romero, and Flora Tan

March 11, 2020

According to Whittier Daily News, 10 students and two community-member club advisers at Cal State Long Beach, known as CSULB, are in self-quarantine after attending an event in Washington D.C. where three other attendees tested positive for COVID-19. According to the Cal State Long Beach website, there ...

Tiger Sugar Claws Into Rowland Heights

Photo by the hungry employee on Flikr.

Flora Tan

February 12, 2020

Tiger Sugar, a popular boba stop from Taiwan, has made its way to greater Los Angeles. Tiger Sugar opened in Taichung, Taiwan in late 2017. According to Eater Los Angeles, "The chain of drinkable desserts currently has 40 locations worldwide in Asia, Canada, and the U.S.” Two years later, and now with...

The Barn Next Door

Photo courtesy of Mt. SAC.

Daniel Salamanca

February 5, 2020

A student walking towards her morning class, disheveled from a late-night studying, adjusts her backpack strap as she cycles through the vocabulary words she had been cramming in her head all night long. She begins to tell herself that she has what it takes to pass the daunting exam, the only barrier...

A Taste of Malaysia

Photo by Frankie John on Flickr.

Andre Tinoco

January 9, 2020

Whole Rock Cod, Mango Shrimp and Hainan Chicken are just a few items on the menu to devour from this unique Malaysian bistro, Belacan Grill. Located less than a 15-minute ride from Angel Stadium, Belacan Grill is sure to leave your taste buds in awe of the savory deliciousness that this place has to...

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