The Art of Collecting Comic Books

Photo by Vanessa Feliciano/SAC.Media
"It's not just about what book you get... It's about being a part of something."
November 19, 2020

Boxes get lined up ready to be searched through. They’re filled neatly with colorful covers and artwork. No two are identical. Collectors scavenge through each one looking for the one comic book they...

Protestors Unsuccessful, Hahn’s Housing Motion Approved Unanimously

Hacienda Heights residents divided, united over controversial homeless project
November 13, 2020

Some residents call the community protests “heartless,” while protestors use similar terms to define Supervisor Janice Hahn’s decision to turn a Motel 6 into a permanent housing structure for the...

Salazar, Serrano Poised To Win School Board Seats

Photo courtesy of Joshua Sanchez.
Local election brings historic change to the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District.
November 13, 2020

For the first time in 50 years, Valinda will have representation. Their representative, for area one, is Stephanie Serrano. Serrano has beaten out two challengers, Patricia Vizcarra and Taro O’ Sullivan. La...

Young and Healthy? Here’s What Catching COVID-19 Is Like.

Salvador Mendoza. Photo by Isaac Le/SAC.Media
Two Mt. SAC students share their experience with COVID-19.
November 13, 2020

Fever, constant fatigue and body aches are symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. Trauma, paranoia and a concern for loved ones are consequences of a COVID-19 recovery. While people younger than 35 are only...

Halloween is for Devil Horns and Defying Social Norms

Halloween is for Devil Horns and Defying Social Norms
Halloween is the one night of the year where it is okay to rot your teeth, stay out late, and be exactly who you want
October 29, 2020

Halloween is the best holiday of them all, because of the costumes, unlimited candy, thrill of getting scared, staying out past curfew and people's sense of belonging in a community. When I was 10, I would...

A Second Chance

Photo courtesy of Brandon Orselli
A car crash nearly took his life, but also gave Brandon Orselli time to reflect.
October 23, 2020

The rain was pouring down on the freeway right outside of Philadelphia. It was two months ago, and Brandon Orselli was making his way toward the house that he and his wife were buying. Tests were being...

Bobcat Fire Continues to Blaze

Bobcat Fire view from a kitchen window in Monrovia, CA, September 10, 2020 by Eddiem360 on Wikimedia Commons.,_Los_Angeles,_San_Gabriel_Mountains.jpg
The Bobcat Fire is still burning in Los Angeles two months later
October 23, 2020

The Bobcat Fire, sparked on Sept. 6, has blazed through 115,758 acres and is still-burning in Los Angeles National Forest to the northeast of Cogswell Reservoir. As of Oct. 22, the Bobcat Fire has destroyed...

Dancing Together- Apart

Graphic by Jaylen Minnich-Hall/SAC.Media.
Local dance studio struggles, yet stays afloat during COVID-19
October 16, 2020

Whether it be in person or online, Belle Maturo owner and director of Perfect Pointe Dance has found ways to keep her small business afloat during the harsh circumstances of COVID-19. As a registered...

5 Best Local Vegan Restaurants

Graphic by Jaylen Minnich/SAC.Media.
Great vegan options are just around the corner.
October 8, 2020

Culturally, veganism has become more mainstream because of the outpour of animal rights activism and health benefits. With this popularity, many vegan exclusive restaurants have appeared and many restaurants...

Students Struggle as Classes Resume Online

Photo by JESHOOTS-com on Pixabay
The level of understanding and compassion has shifted
October 2, 2020

Most college student’s only responsibility a couple months ago during the summer was their mental health. But now as school kicks back into high gear, many are struggling to stay above water. The...

Students March for Breonna Taylor

Kevin Welbeck, a Cre8 the Change organizer speaks in front of the LAPD's Hollywood station on Sept. 26, 2020 during a protest against the court ruling of Breonna Taylor's case. Photo by Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.
Students have joined protesters days after Breonna Taylor decision
September 27, 2020

Since Wednesday students have been seen marching with protesters following the grand jury decision for the case of Breonna Taylor. Protesters gathered in a large group Saturday morning in Hollywood...

Dating During COVID

Photo by Ritwik_P on Pixabay
Can you find love while in a pandemic?
September 25, 2020

Even before COVID-19 swept across the nation, many people were struggling to find love. Now with social distancing and safety regulations in place, the journey to love seems impossible.Many young people...

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