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The Power of Self-Advocacy

Shannon Hines May 27, 2022

It is difficult to be a person with a disability in an uneducated community. This is made harder when dealing with life’s special moments including school, work, social events and everything in between. For...

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Doctor Strange Redefines The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Armando Sanchez May 25, 2022

Words like “creative,” “innovative” and “wild” don’t usually come to mind when watching previous Marvel Studios movies. That was not the case for “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of...

We Congratulate the Class of 2022

We Congratulate the Class of 2022

Oscar Beltran and Trevor Megginson May 24, 2022

IT'S FINALS WEEK! Thank you all for joining us at "Magic Key University." In this week's episode, my co-host Trevor and I want to congratulate everyone on a successful semester as well as congratulate...

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Men and Women Can Face Abuse

Gabby Flores, Opinion Editor May 20, 2022

A horrific event has begun shedding light into a sensitive topic. One that occurs often but was never really talked about. You might have heard or read about it here and there. It was something that’s...

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Can We Still Say “Gay” At Mt. SAC?

Ethan Brown May 19, 2022

Mt. SAC’s queer representation and safety came into question after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, into law on March 28,...

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Navigating Relationships and Communication

Shannon Hines May 18, 2022

Sometimes, acquaintances can turn into friendships that people treasure. But long lasting relationships require hard work and perseverance to keep those connections alive. People with disabilities are...

Photo from Elena Ringo via Wikimedia Commons.

Staff Picks: Experiencing New Love In Italy

Karla Ortega May 18, 2022

It is not often that love stories portrayed through movies ended in a heartbreak. More importantly, it is rare for a love story of two men to be portrayed through film, in a manner filled with no boundaries. Typically,...

Top Rides We Love

Top Rides We Love

Oscar Beltran and Trevor Megginson May 17, 2022

CLASS IS IN SESSION! Welcome to the "Magic Key University!" In this week's episode my co-host Trevor, our special guest Megan Cansino, and I talk about our favorite rides at both Disneyland and California...

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Summer Heat to Worsen, Third Year of Latest Drought

Bryan Jimenez, News Editor May 16, 2022

California is on track to face a summer of heat, fire and blackouts that will increase the state’s drought. Although Gov. Gavin Newsom recently outlined a plan to combat the crisis and the Metropolitan...

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Addiction From Puffing One Vape

Andrew Garcia May 13, 2022

You probably don’t want to hear it, but it might be a good idea to put the vape down. The rise of a new popular e-cigarette, the Flum Float, has caught my attention. I have seen countless of these...

Among the artists listed are SHINee (top left), NCT 127 (top middle), Super Junior (bottom left), D.O. (bottom middle) and Chung Ha (left).

Top 5 K-pop Songs with Latin Influence

Samantha Acevedo, Pop Editor May 12, 2022

Korean Pop, otherwise known as K-Pop, has long been a trending industry since the mid to late 2000’s due to its outrageous and experimental concepts dabbling in different world genres. Many of these...

The Most Epic Nighttime Experience Ever!

The Most Epic Nighttime Experience Ever!

Oscar Beltran and Trevor Megginson May 10, 2022

CLASS IS IN SESSION, MOUNTIES! Welcome to the "Magic Key University!" In this week's episode, my co-host Trevor, myself and our special guest LaReina talk about unleashing the force at Disneyland's...

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