A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Empower your English journey – Mt. SAC’s ESL Center

Unlocking fluency in a secondary language in an immersive learning environment
Andres Munoz
Located on the east side of campus, building 66 serves as the center for English as a Second Language students.

Mt. SAC offers a variety of language classes for students to take. These classes offer students a chance to learn a diverse array of languages from across the world.

Mt. SAC’s Language Learning Center offers classes in foreign languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Latin, American Sign Language and Spanish.

Multilingual courses are a form of cultural integration that allows students of any and all ethnicities and backgrounds to adapt and receive guidance in handling cultural differences and assimilating into the campus community.

Mt. SAC’s language opportunities go past only teaching English speakers foreign languages. They also offer classes for those who wish to learn English.

Adopting and learning a foreign language can be difficult for any student to navigate. For many international students or non-English speaking students who may have proficient academic skills but struggle with English language proficiency, the ESL Center provides targeted support to help these students succeed academically by improving their English skills.

Mt. SAC School of Continuing Education provides English as a second language class. Before enrolling, students have to take an ESL placement test. The program offers eight levels of classes.



The ESL program offers these noncredit classes at no cost. However, students may need to purchase textbooks.

According to a 2022 program pamphlet, Mt. SAC School of Continuing Education ESL/VESL had a total of 3843 students registered in its courses.

The program attempts to make enrollment as easy as possible. Their YouTube channel, “Mt. SAC ESL” shows potential students how to enroll and posts testimonials from former ESL students sharing their experiences posting content with the program.

Abel Zelaya, 20, a native Portuguese speaker, talks about how the program has benefited him. He compliments the program on how it has helped him understand, have accuracy, fluency and how to properly communicate with English speakers.

“The program is pretty neat,” Zelaya said.

The Mt. SAC ESL classes offer invaluable opportunities for students to enhance their language skills, foster cultural understanding and thrive in both academic and social settings. Whether you are an international student seeking to improve your English proficiency, a domestic student interested in learning a new language or anyone looking to broaden your cultural horizons, ESL classes provide tailored support and resources to meet your needs.

The ESL program is located in building 66 and offers both in-person and online classes.

The program also offers several other services on its website including ESL scholarships and career opportunities.

Oftentimes, the ESL front desks in building 66 can be seen with several students of various backgrounds inquiring about the several campus resources to aid their academic endeavors. (Andres Munoz)

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