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Will Perseverance Find Life on Mars?

Slej Efron, Staff Reporter February 16, 2021

Perseverance is the NASA's newest rover dedicated to the quest of finding either past or current signs of life on Mars. The rover was launched on July 30, 2020 and is scheduled to land on Mars on Feb....

Alex Morales, 43, a crusher foreman at a materials recycling plant in Long Beach, California directs a 56 ton wheel loader on Nov. 5, 2020. Morales, who has worked in the industry for 23 years, was having the loder oporater hoist a conveyor belt so that he and his team could change a pulley in the rock crusher. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Photos of COVID

Abraham Navarro, Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2021

COVID-19 kept everyone close to home this year. It made things difficult for all kinds of careers, and it had its crack at photojournalism, changing the way the world looked through the photos we take....

Graphic made by Jaylen Minnich

Online Sex Work is Becoming Mainstream Thanks to Onlyfans

Jaylen Minnich Hall, News Editor January 19, 2021

OnlyFans, a creator content sharing platform, has had a surplus of new accounts and new traffic to their website recently. OnlyFans has generous community guidelines that allows creators to post almost...

Starbucks 5 Best Secret Menu Drinks

Starbucks 5 Best Secret Menu Drinks

Chiara Lindsay January 14, 2021

Do you order the same drink from Starbucks every day? Some people tend to not switch up their order because they either are scared to try something new, or they don't know any other drink that is good,...

Ann Inouye outside of her home in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

Survivor Remembers Pearl Harbor

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor December 7, 2020

On a warm and humid afternoon, a hot breeze blew through the front window, rattled the vertical blinds, then escaped to the back of the house through the screen door. Ann Inouye shuffled to the dining...

Dodgers fans stand on top of cars and celebrate at the intersection of Flower Street and 11th Avenue near the Staples Center on Oct. 29, 2020. The Los Angeles Dodgers won game six of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, the first time the Dodgers won since 1988. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

The World Series Win Has Me Bleeding Dodger Blue

Abraham Navarro, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

This was my first World Series as a baseball fan. I sat down to watch Game 2 of the World Series as my first full game of baseball, and it was the hook that kept me there. After learning that the...

Photo by Vanessa Feliciano/SAC.Media

The Art of Collecting Comic Books

Vanessa Feliciano, Features Editor November 19, 2020

Boxes get lined up ready to be searched through. They’re filled neatly with colorful covers and artwork. No two are identical. Collectors scavenge through each one looking for the one comic book they...

Salvador Mendoza. Photo by Isaac Le/SAC.Media

Young and Healthy? Here’s What Catching COVID-19 Is Like.

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor November 13, 2020

Fever, constant fatigue and body aches are symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. Trauma, paranoia and a concern for loved ones are consequences of a COVID-19 recovery. While people younger than 35 are only...

Graphic by Isaac Le/SAC.Media.

Being a Student, Parent, and Teacher in One

Vanessa Feliciano, Features Editor November 9, 2020

You sit down to write an essay and as your computer opens, your child screams your name and asks for help on a math problem you haven't looked at since you were their age. After Google helps you answer...

Photo by Nick Youngson on

Students Stressed as Election Wears On

Esmeralda Torres, Jesse Espitia, and Vanessa Feliciano November 6, 2020

Following Tuesday's election, viewers nationwide are clinging to their televisions, awaiting results. Battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada hang in the balance. The...

Halloween is for Devil Horns and Defying Social Norms

Halloween is for Devil Horns and Defying Social Norms

Lana Min, Staff Reporter October 29, 2020

Halloween is the best holiday of them all, because of the costumes, unlimited candy, thrill of getting scared, staying out past curfew and people's sense of belonging in a community. When I was 10, I would...

Photo courtesy of Brandon Orselli

A Second Chance

Christie Yeung, Gaming & Tech Editor October 23, 2020

The rain was pouring down on the freeway right outside of Philadelphia. It was two months ago, and Brandon Orselli was making his way toward the house that he and his wife were buying. Tests were being...

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