Thuy Pham hanging out in her office.

Learning How to Ride the Wave

Andie Kalinowski, Features Editor May 11, 2022

Many students feel pressure to have their lives figured out during college, yet Thuy Pham is a perfect example of how an unconventional route can lead to a fulfilling life one never even imagined. Pham...

Kirin McCrorys featured photo on New Play Exchange.

Take the Leap, Pursue Your Passion

Armando Sanchez May 5, 2022

In their senior year of high school, Kirin McCrory thought that they wanted to pursue a degree in journalism. That was their intention, as they spent their hours working towards applying to different journalism...

As a series of photos recounting Ron Kamakas legacy graced the Hilmer Lodge Stadium screen on April 24, Rons smile was brightest when he was seen on the track.

The Leap Home

Joshua Sanchez, Editor In Chief April 28, 2022

With a twinkle in his eye and one of the biggest smiles anyone has ever seen from Honolulu to Irvine, Coach Ron Kamaka is more than a coach. Ron is a man of the Lord, beloved husband to Lynda and an...

Orange tabby cat enjoying the outdoors. 

Photo courtesy of Pixinio.

Get Your Own Cat Today

Delila Grubaugh April 25, 2022

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control is hosting “Catapalooza” in the month of April, dropping cat adoption fees to $10 in hopes of finding new homes for sheltered cats. At...

Coach Ron Kamaka is all smiles at Woodward Park for the California Community College Cross Country State Championships in November 2019.

Imi Ola. Lokahi

Robbie Doctor April 24, 2022

Imi ola. Lokahi. This Hawaiian saying means “to seek our best life through unity.”  Coach Ron Kamaka instilled this championship mindset by preaching the importance of understanding yourself...

Andrew Villeda racing for the finish line in the steeplechase event at the Bob Larson Distance Carnival hosted at UCLA on March 25.

Overcoming The Rival Within

Andie Kalinowski, Features Editor April 20, 2022

As the last remnants of Saturday’s dawn have long passed, 18-year-old Andrew Villeda finishes his four mile run under the warm 9 a.m. sun with his loyal companion Shiloh by his side. This nursing...

Graphic by Bernice Tang

Acceptance Without Question

Shannon Hines April 13, 2022

Being accepted without question in the disabled community means that people should not question people with disabilities for the way we handle daily life. Like anyone else in society, we have hopes and...

Lisa Amos, Elizabeth Chong and Patience Kleine (from left to right) offer information at the Mountie Money Management Center booth outside Building 77 on March 23.

Bad With Money? Here’s Your One-Stop-Shop

Andie Kalinowski, Features Editor April 6, 2022

The Mountie Money Management Center is a newly established center that strives to teach students about financial literacy in order for them to meet their financial goals. MMMC Administration Specialist...

Grandmas fried rice with broccolini and topped with a sunny-side-up for early dinner at home.

Not Your Original Fried Rice

Christie Yeung, Managing Editor March 30, 2022

“Do you want grandma’s fried rice for dinner?” my mom asked. Before I could respond, a memory flashed in my head. The image of me sitting on the balcony by the kitchen and staring out the window...

Rebekah Taussig, author of a new memoir in essays, Sitting Pretty: The View From My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body, and her experience growing up in Kansas after being paralyzed at the age of three from cancer treatments is a true inspiration to Hines.

(Photo courtesy of Rebekah Taussig)

An Inside Scoop

Shannon Hines March 23, 2022

My name is Shannon Hines. I am a devoted person who loves to share positivity with any audience who is willing to listen. My positivity all comes from personal experiences of being a person with a disability. For...

An iconic 1969 Chevy Camaro leads a seemingly endless line of classic cars.

Celebrating the Land of Horsepower

Diego Renteria, Sports Editor March 18, 2022

It is 5 a.m. in Pomona and the Fairplex fairgrounds sit empty and quiet on March 6. The sun breaks dawn over the vast concrete desert, and an ominous roar could be heard in the distance. The sound gets...

Photo from Flickr

Help Ukraine and Cope with Residual Anxiety

Andie Kalinowski, Features Editor March 16, 2022

When Russia launched a full scale assault against Ukraine on Feb. 22, many lives were upended. Some experienced feelings of dread and fear about being in a state of war. Ukraine's citizens have been...

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