Boycotting Mulan: Yes and No

Graphic by Kristen Sanchez/SAC.Media.

Kristen Sanchez, Community News Editor

September 16, 2020

The 2020 live action production of Disney’s “Mulan” should not be shot down simply for the opinion of lead role, Liu Yifei. Disney movie purists might relish the downward spiral that is Mulan’s live action box office release. Though boycotting this movie is valid for many reasons, it is important...

Use Hilmer Lodge to Aid the Community

Illustration by Louisa Guo/SAC.Media.

Abraham Navarro, Editor in Chief

September 9, 2020

Mt. SAC’s newly constructed Hilmer Lodge stadium needs to be put in use to aid the community during the pandemic. Although we can’t all be on campus right now, Hilmer Lodge Stadium doesn’t have to just gather dust, waiting for football to come back or sit on reserve for its first graduating class to grace...

Books for Online Classes Should be Free!

Photo illustration by Cesar E Gonzalez/SAC.Media

Cesar Gonzalez, Campus News Editor

September 2, 2020

Many students, like myself, have stressors while trying to stay focused in our studies. Since the coronavirus lockdown measures were put into place, many schools have taken the online approach. Wouldn’t it all be one less thing to worry about if textbooks or PDF’s of our courseworks were free? ...

Letter From The Editor-in-Chief: Too Stubborn To Stop Now

SAC.Media Editor-in-Chief Abraham Navarro takes a photo of himself at San Jacinto Wildlife Area as he works on a story for Substance.Media on November 20, 2019. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media

Abraham Navarro, Editor in Chief

August 26, 2020

When I stepped up to take the position as editor-in-chief of SAC.Media, the reality of the world had finally hit me. I realized that there will never be a time like that before 2020 again. The world will never be the same. I realized, along with the rest of America, that the injustice that has been plagu...

10 Reasons Why Your Grocery Store Cashier Hates You

Graphic by Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Lux Montes

July 22, 2020

I’ve been working in retail for about seven years, in department stores and quick-service restaurants. Most recently weathering the storm at my local independently owned grocery store, which I naïvely thought would be a low-stress part-time job last fall.  With the unique circumstances presented...

Letter to the Editor: Words are Not Enough, We Need Action

The Pomona March 4 Education in Pomona on June 24, 2020. Photo credit: Dr. Irene Monica Sanchez.

Fabian Pavon

July 16, 2020

When we talk about social justice, we must acknowledge the root of injustice. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were written by wealthy, white, heterosexual, cis-gendered men whose class interest required a strong central government. In other words, racism, classism,...

A Name Change Long Overdue

Graphic by: Jesse Espita and Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Eric Tadeo

July 13, 2020

The NFL franchise in the nation’s capital may go through some alterations. Recent racial tensions have again sparked the conversation of a name change from “Redskins” to something that is not so derogatory. Majority owner of the team Dan Snyder has been stubborn about changing the name in the past....

Live to Consume, Die for Nothing

Graphic by Natalie Lu/SAC.Media.

Lux Montes

June 24, 2020

With a majority of states rolling out partial or total reopenings, it may seem like we’re in the final scenes of a bad disaster movie. Despite warnings of an impending second wave, people who protest stay-at-home orders have been out in droves, and in California, are joined by anti-vaxxers (which makes s...

EDITORIAL: Black Lives Matter—No Buts

A female protester drops to her knees in front of San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputies and raises her hands in the air as she pleads for justice over the murder of George Floyd on May 29, 2020, in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Photo Credit: Brett Hernandez, @hernandezcoke_photo_film on Instagram.

Natalie Lu

June 1, 2020

Generally, journalistic guidelines demand that we stay objective in some of the most controversial of situations. But with George Floyd’s story, we will not maintain “neutrality” here, because he is dead. There is not another side to this story. It should already be strikingly clear that a knee...

Staying Home Triggers Memories Of My Abuse

Graphic by Natalie Lu/SAC.Media.

Brigette Lugo

May 29, 2020

Locked up, nowhere to go and terrified. I wish I was describing what it’s like to be following stay-at- home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. While those feelings are what the general public has been sharing in social media venting sessions, I am describing the feeling a domestic abuse victim goes...

Sanders Supporters Should Be Open to Biden

Left: Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash. Right: Photo by Michael Stokes on Wikimedia Commons.

Osirus Polachart

April 27, 2020

Unfortunately, Sen. Bernie Sanders has ended his presidential bid after suspending his campaign. For many, including myself, Bernie Sanders has been the voice of the working class. He raised issues such as income inequality, corruption in politics, corporate greed and the existential crisis of climate...

Bail Out Our Mail

Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash.

Lux Montes

April 20, 2020

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. These are the words chiseled in gray granite over the entrance of the New York City Post Office on 8th Avenue. We all know some form of this old adage, and many of us value and re...

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