Messi celebrating his goal in the Leagues Cup final.

Opinion: Messi is showing Americans why ticket pricing is flawed

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor September 21, 2023

Despite soccer being the most popular sport in the world, it’s still not a major player in the United States sports scene. Too many people are going to miss out on the chance to watch arguably the...

The Voices of the Forgotten museum in Fortnite

Opinion: Fortnite museums isn’t the right way to bring awareness about Jewish history

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor September 11, 2023

In the age of high-speed internet, historical tragedies are not viewed under the same lens of sorrow or empathy by billions on the web. From World War II to 9/11, you can find memes making fun of any event.  Fortnite’s...

Opinion: You know them, they don’t know you

Opinion: You know them, they don’t know you

Brisa Gutierrez, Social Media Manager July 25, 2023

With social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, keeping up with your favorite celebrities and influencers has never been easier -- so much so that some people even start to believe that they know...

The Hollywood sign is one of the states most iconic landmarks.

Opinion: Every Californian should watch ‘Leaving California: The Untold Story’

Ada Li, Staff Reporter June 27, 2023

When it comes to California, people always remember the endless coastline, bright sunshine and star-studded Hollywood with its countless opportunities and dreams. However, in recent years, more and more...

Inter Milan fans display a tifo before a match at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Opinion: Watching sports is becoming more expensive and frustrating

Alex Ruiz, Staff Reporter June 2, 2023

For many around the world, watching sports is a time for communities to come together, relax for the length of the game and enjoy an escape from their everyday lives. Whether you’re a fan of the World...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 via Steam.

Opinion: The faithful COD community is pissed and rightfully so

Ehvan Fennell, Life & Culture Editor May 30, 2023

It's time to skip out on buying the new Call of Duty every year and see that Activision is only here for your money. Don't feel bad for a multi-million dollar company that is riddled with multiple micro...

We Support Starbucks Workers Union Efforts Courthouse Plaza Arlington (VA) December 2022. Via Ron Cogswell.

Opinion: Why you should join a labor union

Diego Fernandez, Staff Reporter May 26, 2023

In our society, corporate greed has caused rampant inflation, the average working class American is struggling to pay their bills and real wages have stagnated since the 1960s, all the while corporate...

Emma Chamberlain poses for her Rolling Stone shoot. Via Alana O’Herlihy/Rolling Stone.

Opinion: Emma Chamberlain’s Rolling Stone cover is well deserved

Brisa Gutierrez, Social Media Manager May 19, 2023

Emma Chamberlain has been crowned “Miss Internet” on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for their second ever “Creator Issue” and it makes total sense. Critics who said she doesn't deserve the...

Food additives have been shown to have detrimental effects on the health of consumers. Photo courtesy Wikimedia commons.

Opinion: Food additives need stricter legislation

Jalyn Brooks, Staff Reporter May 12, 2023

Food additives – substances added to food that are not normally consumed as a food itself – have been used for centuries to improve preservation as well as the appearance. However, as increasingly...

Via HBO Entertainment.

Opinion: You should be watching ‘Barry’

Bryan Jimenez, Editor in Chief May 5, 2023

Rarely does any form of media masterfully intertwine drama, comedy and action with an impressive pacing and a balanced tone. HBO’s “Barry” does all the above and more, in the confines of 30-minute...

Opinion: The power and pitfalls of a video essay void

Opinion: The power and pitfalls of a video essay void

Ehvan Fennell and Adam Young April 28, 2023

Video essays have become increasingly popular in today's world and have had a significant influence on various aspects of society, particularly in the realm of media and communication. The average...

Joining the U.S. military is no longer an appealing career choice for the disaffected and non-patriotic Gen Z. Photo courtesy Pixabay

Opinion: Like toy soldiers we play

Delila Grubaugh, Features Editor April 21, 2023

In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt said the United States should “speak softly and carry a big stick,” setting the tone for his foreign policy agenda and the birth of “big stick diplomacy.”...

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