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Opinion – Tubi is the king of streaming services

The best part is it’s free!
Sav Vivanco
Drawn by Sav Vivanco (@scruffiandraws on Instagram)

In a world of ever growing subscriptions, deciding what streaming service to get can be an absolute headache and choosing just one with all of your needs seems impossible.

However, there is one streaming service that reigns supreme– Tubi.

Netflix, who was once the juggernaut of the streaming industry, now lies in a battlefield with all other streaming services all warring for your wallet. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Max, Paramount, Disney+, Peacock and others that are not worth referencing.

According to Exploding Topics, 83% of U.S. households have streaming services as of February 2024. Americans with at least one streaming subscription are now spending an average of $61 a month, a study by Deloitte found.

Deciding between these services can be annoying and costly.



Price hikes from the past decade have driven up all streaming service prices. In 2008, streaming Netflix was $9 per month.

Who wants to watch ads? One of the initial appeals of streaming services was the complete removal of ads.

Most streaming services are now offering an option that includes ads at a lower cost from the premium. Who would want to pay to watch ads?



If you’re going to watch ads, why pay? Tubi offers a streaming service with ads at no cost to the viewer.

Streaming services also make original content that is exclusive to their services as to hold onto their user base.

All streaming services have their niches because of their “exclusive” content. You will not be able to stream “The Mandalorian” on Netflix or “Stranger Things” on Hulu.

According to Ampere Analysis, Prime Video’s original content makes up 9% of their catalog. While Hulu’s originals make up 4%. Netflix at over 50%.

If streaming services want to justify their prices through original content, then we can’t consider unoriginal content consisting of a lion’s share of their catalog as a justification.

Tubi offers these options and originals. All at no cost. From a financial decision, Tubi is the best streaming service.

“Empire,” “John Wick,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Columbo” exemplify the diverse catalog of Tubi. From old media like “Dr. Who” to modern seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Top Gear,” Tubi has it all for no cost.

Tubi is free. Tubi is king.


Illustration by Anthony Solorzano (Anthony Solorzano)
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