Photomath is one of many math tools that will help educate the next generation.

Opinion: Math curriculum needs to embrace Math apps to help students learn more efficiently

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor November 9, 2023

Math curriculum across the country needs to accept and involve tools such as Photomath in classrooms to keep students engaged and expand their understanding of the subject. Digitized math learning is...

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 continue to lead console gaming.

A retrospective of the three years since the release of the Xbox Series X and PS5

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor November 7, 2023

Nov. 10 will mark three years since the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5. Both consoles were released amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to give users a more powerful...

Windows remains on top of the Windows vs. MacBook debate.

Opinion: Windows Laptops is superior to MacBook and it isn’t a debate

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor October 20, 2023

When you’re in the market to buy a laptop, buying a Windows laptop instead of a MacBook is the best decision you can make.  The Windows vs. macOS debate is easy to decide a winner when you examine...

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Buy or Bust?

Ehvan Fennell, Features Editor October 13, 2023

There were many instances in my time as an Assassin’s Creed fan where I vowed to never purchase the next installment as the last handful of releases felt completely void of any charm the originals had.  I...

The Voices of the Forgotten museum in Fortnite

Opinion: Fortnite museums isn’t the right way to bring awareness about Jewish history

Alex Ruiz, Opinion Editor September 11, 2023

In the age of high-speed internet, historical tragedies are not viewed under the same lens of sorrow or empathy by billions on the web. From World War II to 9/11, you can find memes making fun of any event.  Fortnite’s...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 via Steam.

Opinion: The faithful COD community is pissed and rightfully so

Ehvan Fennell, Life & Culture Editor May 30, 2023

It's time to skip out on buying the new Call of Duty every year and see that Activision is only here for your money. Don't feel bad for a multi-million dollar company that is riddled with multiple micro...

Minecraft Legends PVP sucks.

Minecraft Legends’ multiplayer is a disaster

Adam Young, Staff Reporter May 12, 2023

Minecraft Legends is a new real-time strategy game launched by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, which has been received very poorly by critics. However, a dedicated community has banded together to try...

A roadmap of upcoming updates for Smite. Via SmiteGame on Twitch.

Defend Ix Chel at all costs

Ehvan Fennell, Lifestyle and Culture May 10, 2023

This year, Smite celebrated its 10-year anniversary since its initial release on PC back in 2013. In each of the previous years, one or two update patches have been released to balance and adjust gods,...

A colorful village scene from the roguelike game Cult of the Lamb. Via Steam.

Exploring the replayable world of roguelike video games

Ehvan Fennell, Lifestyle and Culture Editor May 5, 2023

Roguelike is a subgenre of video games praised for their replayability. Traditionally, they feature procedurally-generated levels, endless amounts of possible outcomes and imminent death at every step. Procedural...

Social media addiction. Via Marco Verch Professional Photographer/Flickr.

‘People just like mocking you, trolling you’: Mt. SAC students discuss the impact of social media

Ada Li, Staff Reporter April 28, 2023

Instagram. TikTok. YouTube. Snapchat. Twitter. When most people are bored, they tend to turn to social media to fill the time. Scrolling through posts, sharing memes and watching short videos seem to have...

The bloodline walk down the ramp. Via WWE 2K23.

The latest WWE match: 2K23 vs. 2K22

Elena Awalt, Staff Reporter April 26, 2023

WWE 2K23 was fully released on March 17 after much anticipation. Compared to last year’s release, there have been numerous improvements in graphics, customizable superstars, game modes and playable matches. WWE...

Esports titles such as League of Legends have vastly popular, yet are missing in the Olympics Esports series. Via Santtu Pajukanta/Gamerrable

Opinion: Why Olympic esports works for nobody

Alex Ruiz, Staff Reporter April 7, 2023

The best of the best, the strongest of the strong. Representing your country on the world stage is the magic of the Olympics. During the summer and winter games, the competition captivates the globe and...

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