Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

To the students of Mt. SAC and those who live in the local communities surrounding our great campus, welcome to the future of student journalism. Our goal is and always has been to educate and inform you. Along that goal, we have constantly changed in order to reach you as conveniently as possible, and in 2017 that means being present online wherever you are.

After polling students on campus and realizing that students were getting their news digitally rather than in print form, we stopped printing our newspaper and immediately got to work revamping our online presence. Our first move was to form a unique partnership with Medium to move our award-winning magazine, Substance, over to Substance.media. Then, we launched a BuzzFeed-inspired publication, SAC.media, designed to entertain and inform you about the campus and local community.

Lastly, a year later, we formed a partnership with The Washington Post to help build a beautiful news site that you would actually want to visit. We are proud to be the only community college to partner with The Washington Post along with USC Annenberg, Columbia University, and the University of Maryland. We consider this an honor that one of the most trusted news organizations in the United States would allow us this opportunity.

We are also on Twitter @SAConScene and on Instagram @mountie.media, all with the goal of delivering to you content that you want, that you can interact with, and to become a source that you will return to time and time again.

We aspire to be like legendary organizations, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, who insist on reporting stories whether the subject being reported on approves of it or not. We will not be intimidated by a federal administration who chooses to impede on First Amendment rights, or by anyone who uses their example to try to threaten college journalism.

Our goal is to act as a mouthpiece, not only for all of Mt. SAC’s students, faculty and staff, but also for the members of the local community. If it affects you as a student or as a community member – whether it’s immigration and deportation, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, minority rights, healthcare, education, or the restaurant down the block that just caught fire – we will cover it.

If we don’t cover something you want to see, tell us. If you see a problem in our stories, or you don’t agree with something we write, tell us. Comment on all of our stories, tweet us publicly or message us privately, or visit us in the newsroom.

We welcome your input, insight and opinions, and our door is always open.


Christopher Rosato Jr., Editor-in-Chief

Brigette Lugo, Managing Editor