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A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Keeping it 100 on Trump’s First 100

Photos by SAConScene Staff
Photos by SAConScene Staff

Q: What would you like to see President Trump do?

Sonia Cepeda/SAConScene

Isaiah, 20, undeclared

“What I’d like to see President Trump do is make some of the changes that he promised he was going to do instead of instead of focusing on the wall, instead of focusing on North Korea. Make the changes in the community and America and make his statement true about making America great again.”

Q: Do you think Trump has done a good job so far?

Kemi Ike/SAConScene

Santiago Andrade, 19, Physics

“He hasn’t done anything I support especially with what he’s done with the immigration laws.”

Carlos Olivares/SAConScene

Zach Abraham, 18, undeclared

“It’s too early to tell, I don’t have too many complaints.”

Jacqueline Pinedo/SAConScene

Juliana Norwood, 21, Art History

“No. The Muslim ban, the lies he’s had regarding any affiliation with Russia and the bombing in Syria, it’s all ridiculous.”

Daniel Sanchez/SAConScene

TJ Jackson, 24, Business Administration

“Uh, no, for the simple fact that there’s racism.  In the first 100 days he’s passed over 20 executive orders that weren’t approved by the American people, so all in all I feel like he’s doing a very horrible job.”

“I mean, I feel that he’s brought out the worst in America as far as racism and prejudice against minorities, and also immigrants coming over from the middle east, Mexico, etc.  But you know right now it’s kind of hard to say if he’s doing a good job, because it hasn’t been like a full year yet, but I mean so far it-it’s been fucked up.  It’s been horrible.  I’d just ask him to quit.  Resign, dude, you know what I’m saying, the old ugly toupee and all, dude.”

Georges Assad/SAConScene

Edna, student

“No, I do not think that Trump has done a good job. One specific topic is the immigration thing. I work at a middle school in LA, and a lot of my students are from low-income families and their parents are immigrants. And you know a lot of them – their fathers have been taken by ICE and it kind of leaves them with no support here because their family gets taken back to their country.”

“So, what’s going to happen to them? Basically, we’re just setting them up for failure, and they are not immigrants, they are citizens, so they are going to stay. And for the future of America, they are our future. It’s kind of messed up you know? That makes me emotional because I see the students and it’s a struggle for them. It brings them down completely. Like, sometimes they even miss school, and it’s just bad. There’s nothing good for these families.”

Luis Olguin/SAConScene

Cameron Thomas, 19, Animation

“I think Trump is not really doing a good job in office. … Be more mature on social media. If you’re going to complain, don’t do it on Twitter, you look like a baby.”

Jacqueline Pinedo/SAConScene

Eddy Arce, 19, Political Science

“No, his administration is giving jobs not based on merit but on relationships. They are all wealthy white males just like him. He also lacks knowledge, especially in Obamacare. If you’re a president you’re supposed to lead.”

Adam Valenzuela/SAConScene

Jazmine Valadez, 19, Child Development

“Just the vibe he gives off. He’s just a rude, mean person. And I feel like if you’re a person in power, especially our president, you should respect everybody. And even if you don’t agree with other people, you should let your opinion be known in a more respectful way. Because you’re supposed to be respected by the community and everybody around you.”

Kai Vibar/SAConScene

Glennon Margaret Macmillan, 21, Theater

“It goes back to the stirring up controversy to do it and stirring up fear to do it, and it’s like you represent the entire American people so you need to consider that before you just say whatever you think you should say. There’s a responsibility and he’s just not really fulfilling that.”

Melody Waintal/SAConScene

Gabe Campos, Mt. SAC Athletics Equipment Manager

“I think that he’s making an effort to make a difference. I think people should give him the opportunity to make a difference. Throughout history, they always haven’t been the best people. Trump has made a lot of promises and now he just has to come through. He has 4 years to prove himself and if he doesn’t, we’ll vote for somebody else.”

Q: If you had one thing to say to President Trump, what would it be?

Carlos Olivares/SAConScene

Jackie Florez, 20, Veterinarian hopeful

“To quit the job … go back to television.”

Matt Rodriguez/SAConScene

Azzaam Siddiqi, 20, Business


Evan Velasquez/SAConScene

Rianna Hernandez-Thorn, 19, student

“I guess one thing that I would ask him would be to kind of look deeper into what nuclear warfare actually means. Again, this is going with the environment, because in my classes we are talking about how nuclear warfare is going to be the last disease that plagues humans. So, it’s really scary that I’m talking about that in my classes. We’re having all these tensions with North Korea and with Russia, so I would really just ask him to reconsider his stance on nuclear warfare and honestly go for disarmament for the entire world, not just our country.”

Dayshia Wallis/SAConScene

Takisha Jernagin, 39, Communications

“Be clear on what you want. Be clear on what you want to do.”

Contributors: Sonia Cepeda, Georges Assad, Mark Nemico, Luis Olguin, Carlos Olivares, Kemi Ike, Jacqueline Pinedo, Matt Rodriguez, Daniel Sanchez, Adam Valenzuela, Evan Velasquez, Kai Vibar, Melody Waintal, Dayshia Wallis.

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