Wake Up, Be Shook, Stay Woke. A Millennials Guide to Navigating the News.


Even if you’ve been hibernating underneath a rock for the past months, there should be no excuse for why someone should not know at least a little about what is going on in the world. We get it. It’s hard to keep up to date when looking at the news gives you a headache worse than any hangover. But you said you’d end that social media/CNN/Trump cleanse a month ago, and now it’s time to for you to dust yourself off and jump back into things because your awareness is more important than ever, even if you don’t realize it.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. No one is pushing you head first into the vortex of politics updates and headlines that makes your stomach churn. Wake Up, Stay Woke is your guide in figuring out this wild time in this wild world because the world is going to need you to wake up right now, and stay that way.


Donald Trump is basically like that ex whose face keeps popping up on Instagram, and like said ex, you can’t avoid him. It’s better to rip off the bandaid right now by giving you a Trumpdate to start off this guide.

Donald Trump made his first appearance at the United Nations and gave one of the most aggressive speeches given by a world leader. He used dialogue such as “loser terrorists” and threats to “totally destroy North Korea” if they come threaten the country and the country’s allies’ safety.

The importance of this? This man is running our country, and in his first appearance with numerous world leaders, he decided to just go off. It’s becoming dangerous now.

To do for this week:
If you want a challenge, try to read Trump’s speech’s transcript. It’s pretty long, but it’ll give you context to the current state of the country. If not, at least read this article that fact checks his entire speech and learn something your history classes would have never taught you.

Spicer Crashes the Party

The Emmy’s was both a joyous occasion, and a ridiculous one. Numerous milestones happened at this year’s Emmy’s which included Lena Waithe being the first black woman to win for best comedy writing for “Master of None” and Donald Glover for best comedy directing for his show “Atlanta.” Not to mention, Buzzfeed LGBT released a video showing every category this year featured a nominee in an LGBT role, LGBT-driven show, or is an out nominee.

But the show had some misses too. During the ceremony, ex-press secretary Sean Spicer showed up in a surprise cameo cracking jokes about his former job while the audience both laughed and looked nervously at the camera. In an op-ed penned by Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca titled, “Sean Spicer’s Emmy’s 2017 Cameo Is What Normalization Looks Like,” she writes about Spicer’s appearance being another attempt of the media to normalize the Trump administration. Whether it be petting Trump’s hair like Jimmy Fallon did, or every joke made of his administration — there’s a point when the jokes cross a line and people start to become immune to what’s going on. These people are still a part of Trump’s show, and they all did some negligent things. A few jokes isn’t going to redeem you, Sean Spicer.

To do for this week:
Take a look at Lauren Duca’s editorial on the whole case (check out all her editorials, they’re incredible) and if you have time, finally get to that DVR recording of the Emmy’s you’ve been avoiding. Let us know if you cringe as much as it seemed Melissa McCarthy did.


You’re probably aware that he Trump administration has decided to repeal DACA, and if you’re not aware, get out of your cave and get educated. Don’t know what DACA is? SAC.Media has resources. There’s our article DACA for Dummies that gives an explanation to what DACA is and breaks down things for you. Either way, this repeal is going to affect the lives of numerous people who have been living in the United States for a long time including your neighbors, classmates, co-workers, and maybe even some of you. Is it the end? Hopefully not, because we’re going to fight against it and you can help.

To-do for this week:
Take a look at Mashable’s article about how to defend undocumented immigrants now that DACA’s gone. Even if you can’t do everything on the list, a small step in the right direction is still a step.


Sometimes we need a break from all the news. It’s been awhile since you consumed this much knowledge on current events. To keep things lighthearted, WTF? is going to highlight those stories that’ll make you question if Queen had a point when they sang if this was “real life or if this was just fantasy.”

Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived Trump communications adviser released a Twitter for what seems to be his own publication: The Scaramucci Post. At least people assume that’s what it is. No one really knows what The Scaramucci Post is, and if you go on the site it just leads you to a Twitter called MoochTips and has a winky face emoji on it. Honestly, no one really knows what he’s doing, but damn is it entertaining.

To-do for the week:
Follow The Scaramucci Post on Twitter and or Instagram. You won’t regret it.

Mother! Nature Strikes
If the new film “Mother!” taught audiences anything, it’s that Mother Nature’s forces can cause nothing but chaos. But if you disagree with that explanation of the movie, just check out what’s been happening in the world. The Atlantic hurricane season has had no mercy, and Maria, Harvey, Jose, and Irma have caused destruction in their paths and billions in damage while also leaving numerous people homeless. Earthquakes in Mexico have caused high death rates, almost in the 200s while also leaving cities in ruins.

To-do for the week:
Check out these articles on how to help those affected by the earthquakes and hurricanes. Even a small act can go a long way, and let’s be real, do you really need all those clothes overflowing your closet?

Graham and Cassidy and the Late Night Kid

You’ve probably heard about the Jimmy Kimmel monologue where he called out the Graham-Cassidy health care bill which in a nutshell, is the Republicans’ last chance to repeal and replace Obamacare. Numerous government officials and health associations are against the bill, and it’ll change the lives of so many people.

To-do for the week:

Action must be done, in the words of the Jimmy Kimmel video: “You have to do this, you can’t just click on this video.”

Below are a list of numbers to call for potential swing votes for this whole thing.