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A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


20 Under 20

Margarita at El Pescador in West Covina. Photo by Joseph Harvey/SAC Media.

Let’s be honest, an intoxicated state of mind is the best state of mind, and we; Joey, Lauren and Memo, were hoping to briefly forget our dreaded start of the week. And in a world where you only have $20 in your pocket, the three of us decided to cure our case of the Monday blues the best way we could.

That Monday, we ventured out to West Covina’s El Pescador’s $5 Margarita Mondays special after our class got out for the early afternoon.

The Monday deals were only offered bar side and would start at 3 p.m., however we made the mistake of arriving two hours earlier than expected. So we made our way into a dimly lit room with a disco vibe, with several tables scattered throughout the floor, as well as booths with high top options. With our stomachs roaring from hunger, we immediately began to look at our menus, our mouths foaming from drooling. We each ordered a different dish from the lunch menu, getting ourselves hyped not only for the food, but making sure that we’d be able to withstand the drinks we’d be consuming. Our meals arrived surprisingly quickly after ordering, where we promptly gobbled up our courses.

As 3 p.m. rolled around, we began to scan over the happy hour specials. Lauren, upon my recommendation, decided to go for the Long Island iced tea, for the small price of $5.50. With a budget of only $20, three of these drinks is easily enough to get anyone intoxicated. In fact, El Pescador’s heavy pour caused Lauren to return her drink after taking a few sips of the strong mixed drink.

She said, “It is incredibly strong and I don’t think the bartender mixed the drink well enough.”

Instead, she ordered a strawberry mojito, which she quickly stated, “If you want a really sweet drink, get the strawberry mojito.”

I opted to go for the Monday special, a $7.77 margarita that was lowered to $5 on happy hour. I was happily surprised to see that my drink was double the size of Lauren’s, but it had a lot of ice. I immediately squeezed my lemon and lime wedges into my drink and inhaled the contents through my straw.

Memo Sosa with a Magarita at El Pescador in West Covina. Photo by Lauren Scheer/SAC Media.

We finished our first rounds through laughs and conversation, ordering a second round of the same drinks. My second margarita cup seemed slightly bigger than my first. After the second round of drinks Lauren and I were buzzed. We drank away our Monday blues, but Joey did not drink because he ended up being the designated driver (which everyone should plan ahead of time if they plan on drinking).

We continued our experiment throughout the next hour, enjoying ourselves while drinking. After being there for roughly three hours, Joey asked for a check, although I could’ve still gone for a round three.

Even though we didn’t become as drunk as we anticipated, it’s still very well possible to get more than just a buzz at this restaurant while still staying under 2

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