10 Halloween Make-Up Fails That’ll Make You Scream


Halloween is coming up, which means palettes and makeup brushes are coming out! While you might’ve finally perfected that winged eyeliner, you should still start practicing before Oct. 31 or else you will end up looking like these people below.

1.) A Corpse Bride

Went from almost having a husband to scaring everyone off.

2) Minion

Trying to achieve the minion look but ended up looking like a demonic yellow pill haunting children in their sleep.

3) The Smurfs

These Smurfs looks more like the sweaty version of the Blue Man group.

4) “American Horror Story” Asylum Poster

This makeup look is a horror story for itself.

5) Doll Makeup

When the child is better at makeup.

6) Witch

First glance she looked like a pickle with a blonde wig and red lips.

7) Joker

Looks more like when you steal your mom’s lipstick and eye shadow and end up with two black eyes.

8) Kool-Aid Man

OH YEAH turned to an OH NO

9) Pop Art

Looks more like chicken pox.

10) Deer

Oh deer, Bambi’s mom did not die for this.

While Halloween is right around the corner, that doesn’t mean you should start stressing over whether your make-up job will go viral for all the wrong reasons. Do your research, get your supplies, and go out there to be the spookiest and most beautiful creature of the night.