How to Prepare Your Mouth For a Date


First off, get your mind out the gutter! These tips are simply steps to freshen up your breath prior to a date. Whatever you want to do after is your business.

We’ve all been on both ends of bad breath, whether it be smelling someone’s breath that smacked you right in the face, or maybe you might’ve thrown a punch with yours. Let’s change that by spreading awareness not only for a date, but in general because having minty cool breath is always a plus in all books. It’s always nice to be able to have a conversation with someone and not have to hold your breath or rush it because of a certain, uh, smell.  It’s also healthy to be on top of your dental hygiene since there are some conditions that can be potentially dangerous due to not taking care of your teeth. And it’s attractive to have breath that smells nice before a date.

So here’s some tips: If you do go out to dinner and eat something with garlic, bring some mints, unless you have a handy dandy toothbrush and toothpaste on hand. And be kind. Don’t go embarrassing someone who might have bad breath. Just send them the link to these easy to follow steps and help get their mouths prepared for anything!