11 Christmas Songs for the Person Who Hates Them

With Thanksgiving over, Black Friday done, and the Cyber Monday deals slowly coming to an end – it is officially the end of fall and the beginning of the Christmas season. To celebrate, most of the radio stations have started playing nothing but Christmas music. While for most people, it’s the best part of the year, for others, it’s an absolute nightmare.

It’s not hard to hate Christmas music. The songs are a bit dated and some are pretty creepy now when you look at the lyrics (looking at you, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”). So if you’re the latter, have no fear. In the world of music, there’s something for everyone, even if you’re the Grinch of Christmas music. Below are eleven Christmas songs to help get you in the spirit.

“All I Want for Christmas” by She and Him

While Mariah Carey’s original is an absolute banger, after years of listening to it at least 30 times a year it’s not hard to feel your ears bleed when you hear the opening. While your friends prepare to have their own mini-karaoke number, try popping in She and Him’s version instead. Actress Zooey Deschanel’s jazzy voice and M. Ward’s jazzy composition is a different sound a lot different to Mariah Carey’s powerhouse vocals, but different in a good, refreshing way.

“Wonderful Christmastime” by The Shins

Another absolute Christmas bop originally by Paul McCartney, The Shins’ version is probably almost just as good. The indie musicians don’t stray too far from McCartney’s but there’s something a little more upbeat about this one that features a little more guitar and drum compared to its base.

“Hey Guys, It’s Christmastime!” By Sufjan Stevens

The song is a lot more mellow than the title might suggest. Sung by multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, whose written some of the most beautiful pieces of music of this generation, the song mixes Stevens’ mellow voice and some grittier guitar solos to create the perfect song to mark the new season.

“Sleigh Ride” by fun.

Remember the days when fun. dominated the charts with “We Are Young” and “Some Nights?” It was almost as if you couldn’t escape Nate Ruess’ voice. Well, neither can this playlist. While fun.’s version doesn’t entirely stray from the original, their version of this classic has a lot of their synth-pop flair. It’s very much a fun. song that hopes to get you into the Christmas spirit.

“Christmas Must Be Tonight” by Bahamas

For a hot second, it sounded as if it this might’ve been an original written by Bahamas, the stage name of musician Alfie Jurvanen. His soothing, smooth voice and soft background vocals make this the sexy, but also the calming anthem of the season.

“Blue Christmas” by Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is the band that is perfect for a person’s emo playlist. With sounds that evoke every ounce of emotion that can be sucked out of their haunting lyrics, it’s no wonder one of the members of the band was asked to create the soundtrack to one of the saddest movies of 2014 “The Fault in Our Stars.” Blue Christmas is no exception, while it’s still a similar melody as the Presley version, Conor Oberst’s vocals have a way of bringing out the loneliness that the song is all about.

“It Wish It Was Christmas Today” by Julian Casablancas

If you’ve heard any Strokes song, admittedly, the beats at times could sound like perfect melodies for Christmas songs. Frontman Julian Casablancas has the perfect baritone for it, and he proved that in an extra track in his album “Phrazes for the Young” he titled “Christmas Treat.” What the track consisted of was a cover of the “Saturday Night Live” song “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” that made everyone question whether the joke could actually end up being the next new big Christmas song.

“Don’t Shoot Me Santa” by The Killers

We’ve all head the classic, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” While mommy kissing another man and experiencing a midlife crisis may be the least of our worries now, with this new administration it’s getting shot by Jolly Old Saint Nick that’s really what should get you freaked out making this catchy tune oddly relatable.

“Progressive Christmas Carols” by Jon Cozart

The holidays mean two things: presents and having to see your loved ones. While both sound like things you should be happy about, it’s not hard to want to choke yourself with a garland over having to see your Republican grandma and your asshole uncle you try and avoid seeing as much as you can. Youtuber Jon Cozart has the perfect jam for you, however, with his song Progressive Christmas Carols, the perfect song to build some ground rules for your family about how dinner is going to be.

“Christmas Wrap” by The Waitresses

One of the most underrated Christmas songs ever written, the song features the catchiest tune out of everything on this list. Made by one-hit wonders, The Waitresses, who are famous for their song “I Know What Boys Like,” this tune will make you want to get up and dance.

“The Chipmunk Song” by Teagan and Sara

Very easily “The Chipmunk Song” can be classified as the most annoying Christmas song of the season. It’s just grating and at times really acorny. Thankfully twin duo Teagan and Sara decided to switch things up and make their own version of the somehow beloved hit. With their modern take on the song, while still keeping the dialogue parts of the original, their version of “The Chipmunk Song” is an absolute upgrade to the original.