Vape Pen Explodes During Class


Example of a vape. Photo by Doug De Wet.

Before 8 a.m. on Monday morning in room 216 of building 67A,  a student’s vape pen exploded in the middle of class causing students to be evacuated from the second floor of the building. A student reported flames three feet high when the vape pen exploded in the owner’s backpack.

“A student’s vape […] exploded and students reported seeing flame coming out of this guy’s backpack,” Public Safety Deputy Chief Bob Wren said. “I had just been in that classroom the week prior giving them a safety presentation so they said that that information kinda kicked in. They evacuated in an orderly fashion, got out, nobody got hurt. The student took his backpack outside to get it away from everybody.”

The doors into the room and the floor were left open in order to air out the building from the smell of the exploded vape pen. At noon the same day the smell had dissipated and there were no apparent signs of explosion in the room.