Today: Public Forum on Police and Campus Safety. Follow Live Coverage @SAConScene on Twitter


Today, the Mt. SAC Administration is holding a Student Public Forum on Police and Campus Safety at Founders Hall. The forum follows criticism of town halls held on Nov. 29, on the establishment of the Department of Police and Campus Safety. The town halls were criticized for a focus on predetermined questions with only a few minutes for students to directly ask questions.

“Having the two minute Q&A caused a lot of concern for students the biggest thing were the predetermined questions,” Student Trustee Corey Case said. “The predetermined questions were something that students were not told about.”

There is also a growing concern among students of the accountability of the Department of Police and Campus Safety stemming from comments made by Deputy Chief Bob Wren during an interview with SAC Media reporters.

“I know from 31 years of doing this that [racial profiling] doesn’t exist,” Wren said. “Police brutality is an absolute myth–a complete utter, debunked myth.”

Responding to a question on his comments at the second town hall on Nov. 29, Wren added that at Mt. SAC whites are a minority.

Alejandro Jaurez, a member of MEChA, has been a vocal critic of Wren’s comments and of the establishment of Police and Campus Safety. On Facebook, where he goes by Alex, he said he will lead students at the forum to call Wren’s firing and the disarming of Police and Campus Safety.

The forum will be live tweeted on our Twitter account @SAConScene when the forum starts at 3:30 p.m.