How Mt. SAC Prepares for Emergencies


Students walk between class break in front of BLDG 26 on Tuesday Feb. 27. In the wake of Parkland, FL Mass Shooting, student Emergency procedures are now a reason for concern Photo Credit: Hernandez Coke/Sac.Media

Following the shootings in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Central Michigan University, Mt. SAC students and faculty must become aware of the emergency procedures that have been created by Mt. SAC’s Risk Management Department.

On Wednesday, Feb.14, 2018, 19-year old Nikolas Cruz arrived at his former high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 and injuring 14 others.

On Friday, March 2, 2018, two people were shot and killed on the campus of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. University officials stated that the victims were not students.

The shooting on the campus of Central Michigan University reignites concern of campus safety across all campuses throughout the United States.

Mt. SAC’s Emergency Management & Preparedness website states, “The Department of Police and Campus Safety, the offices of Student Life, Risk Management, Health Services, and Marketing work in concert to provide safety, emergency preparation, communications, and emergency services.”

Mt. SAC’s emergency website provides what you should do in case of a fire, earthquake, active shooter, evacuation, medical or mental health emergency, and criminal activity or suspicious behavior.

In a previous article, History Professor Kimberly Earhart suggested that drills could help prepare students.

An employee of Mt. SAC’s Department of Police and Campus Safety, who did not want to provide his name, confirmed that drills are scheduled.

The employee added that none of Mt. SAC’s current emergency procedures have been affected or changed following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Melanie Cruse is Manager of Emergency Preparedness and organizes the emergency drills that have been scheduled. This article will be updated with that information.

Here are some key tips that Mt. SAC website recommends students and faculty take into consideration during an emergency:

Mt. SAC recommends that all students sign up for the Emergency Notification System available on the student portal. The Department of Police and Campus Safety states “If you see something, say something, do something!” Contact the Police and Campus Safety Department at (909)-274-4555.