Festival Survival Guide


With so many music festivals these days, it seems like festival season is year-round now. From Coachella, to Warped Tour, to Stagecoach, there are music festivals for almost every crowd out there. They are tricky to prepare for because at any festival one might attend, it is going to be a long day with unpleasant weather conditions and minimal resources. I am a seasoned concert goer and I have been to a few festivals, so I am going to be sharing my festival do’s, don’ts, and essentials.

1. Prepare for the weather. Always check the weather a few days before the festival and dress appropriately. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a jacket unless it is going to be cold the whole day. If it is only going to get cold at night, leave the jacket at home; it will only be an inconvenience throughout the day.

2. Bring a small backpack. I find that backpacks are more comfortable than purses since you might be standing all day and it’s better to have weight distributed equally on each shoulder, rather than just one shoulder. Also, backpacks might have more room to bring all the essentials.

3. Bring sunscreen. Every music festival I have ever heard of is outside. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, you can still get sunburnt. Make sure to bring a smaller bottle and reapply throughout the day.

4. Bring water. Most festivals will let you in with a factory-sealed water bottle, so make sure you don’t open it until you get inside. Some festivals will let you bring an empty water bottle and they will have water stations throughout the festival. Make sure to check on their website before the festival.

5. Bring a phone charger or a portable charger. You’re going to be taking pictures, posting on social media, and texting your friends all day so prepare. Portable chargers help, because there is nothing worse than having a dead phone at a music festival.

6. Bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes. You’re going to get dirty; it’s inevitable. You also might not have a conventional bathroom accessible to you, so bring these if being dirty bothers you.

7. Bring the essential hygiene products. If you’re wearing makeup, bring some of the essentials so you can retouch throughout today. If you sweat a lot, bring deodorant. I would say bring one item that you couldn’t go without for the day. As I mentioned before, getting dirty is inevitable but one of these products might help a little.

8. Bring small snacks. Check with on the festival’s website to see if they allow snacks. If they do, bring small and energizing snacks. I would suggest foods like oranges, tangerines, granola bars, and trail mix. The festival usually has food vendors but the snacks are convenient for when you don’t want to spend money or don’t feel like eating something too heavy.

9. Bring money. There is usually merchandise and food available to purchase so bring some just in case, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.

10. Bring the ticket. This seems obvious, but it’s the most important part. The morning of a festival can be hectic for me, because I’m running around trying to get ready, and I sometimes forget things. This would be the ultimate thing you wouldn’t want to forget.

Also, don’t forget to just have fun! I always prepare for music festivals like I am about to go on a hike or do some sort of exercise. When packing my bag for a music festival, I make sure every item has a purpose for the day. Enjoy the day(s) and live in the moment.