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Represent Your Campus: Students Wanted

President Advisory Council members during monthly meeting on Wed., March 28 in Building 4. Hernandez Coke/SAC.Media

Well, it’s not a paid position, but you will make a difference if you join.

Associated Students were in the courtyard near the clock tower in Building 26 at the beginning of the spring semester desperately trying to encourage students to sign-up for a temporary group to represent the student body.

You might be thinking “why should I care?” Well, those involved in this group will have the voice to make decisions that would affect the new Police and Campus Safety Department. The group would be in charge of recruiting students to be a part of the Police and Campus Safety Advisory Committee.

The committee would help establish guidelines for community policing and assist the Police and Campus Safety Department by making recommendations regarding training for campus constituents and review the policies, procedures, incidents and training of the department.

According to the report submitted by the committee, their purpose would be to serve as “the primary advisory group that promotes effective communication and collaboration between constituent groups and Police and Campus Safety.” In other words, the committee would be the middle-man between the students and Campus Safety and make sure there is a positive relationship between the two.

Associated Students were urgently trying to find students who wanted to be a part of the group, because the group meeting was already two weeks away.

“This is really important for the engagement of our student body,” Associated Students President Brian Moon said. “When this committee gets passed, we will have three positions for students to make sure that their voices are heard.”

Advancement on the committee was discussed at the President’s Advisory Council PAC met on Wed., March 28. President Bill Scroggins was not at the meeting, but Vice President of Instruction Dr. Irene Malmgren served as his proxy.

Essentially, a report was submitted to create a committee so that there was a communication present between campus safety and the student body.  PAC is responsible for overseeing these committees and making sure that there are no mishaps when it comes to anything that is planned or organized on campus that could significantly affect the school, like a police committee.

At the meeting, Academic Senate President Martin Ramey mentioned that there are two committee members that are former law enforcement officers.

“Presently, the idea of community policing, doesn’t have a widely accepted definition,” Ramey said. Students and faculty have expressed their concerns with having an armed police on campus following comments made by Deputy Chief Wren.

Ramey shared the importance of accurately representing the campus on the new committee.

“We viewed Campus and Public Safety at Mt. SAC, as being a unique location,” said Ramey. “There is a culture here that is different. That culture needs to be reflected in the guidelines that we have.”

Computer Facilities Coordinator Bill Rawlings expressed the committee’s concern regarding who actually had control of the committee and how  students should be involved.

“We wanted to make sure that the constituents were driving the approach of the department,” Rawlings said. “I was concerned with getting it out of the hand of the [Police and Public Safety] department.”

18 individuals will be a part of this committee, including the Chief of Police, who will serve as the Committee Chair. It is unclear if Chief W. David Wilson will participate in committee meetings following the news of his resignation. There will be a Vice President that represents Administrative Services or another Department.

The Public Affairs department and Student Services will each have a representative on the committee.  The Management Steering Committee will appoint three Management representatives. There will also be three Faculty representatives, two will be appointed by Academic Senate and one will represent the Faculty Association. The three student positions will be appointed by the Associated Students.

For more information on the President’s Advisory Council, please visit their website.

If you are interested in being a part of the committee, please contact Associated Students. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays from 11:30-2 p.m. at the Student Life Center in Building 9C or call (909) 274-4525.

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