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Student Activity Fee Raises’ Debate

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Students walk past Student Life Center Building 9C on Tuesday, April 3. Photo Credit Hernandez Coke/SAC.Media

On Thursday March 22, 2018 the Mt. SAC Associated Student Senate met at their regularly scheduled meeting for budget deliberations. Much of the meeting was spent discussing budget cuts that are going to be applied in the upcoming semester.

There was discussion about raising the Student Activity Fee in order to fund some student services. Lucky Morales, the Athletic Senator, said that during the A.S. President’s Cabinet budget meeting that happened a week earlier that the discussion of raising the fee is “an offset to inflation prices…and people just aren’t paying their student activity fees.”

A.S. Political Senator, Matthew McBride added, “We have no official stance on raising [The Student Activities Fee], we’re open to discussing any option but there is no formal plan that’s been discussed it was presented to us once.”

There currently isn’t a solid number being put on the price raise; however, it is something the Senate is looking at down the line and may be happening soon. Morales also added: “We haven’t raised [The Student Activities Fee] in 18 years” he also noted that any increase to the fee would “not be substantial” and McBride said that it would be a “last ditch effort.”

The budget deliberations are still ongoing, and nothing is final until A.S. President, Brian Moon, is able to get the budget finalized by the finance committee. Moon also announced that the Dual Enrollment Committee had been disbanded without notice.

Because of the dissolvement of the committee, according to Moon, there is currently no student voice to speak on Dual Enrollment. Moon said that the next meeting he has with President Scroggins he will be talking about the dissolvement of the committee and how to make sure that the “student voices stay heard on dual enrollment.”

Several proposals were made during the budget portion of the meeting including: cutting funding for supplies during finals frenzy and cutting costs on A.S. promotional items such as polos and water bottles. The Senate voted against cutting the funding during Finals Frenzy but voted to pass the cut on promotional items resulting in $1,750 of cuts.

The Senate also put forth a resolution to take an 100% carryover plus and additional 1% of the AS Reserves and move it to the unplanned expenses portion of the budget. This plan was voted in favor of 7-3.

In addition to this, an Associated Students Advisor mentioned a meeting that took place earlier in the week where all groups on campus expressed some major concern over the resignation of current Chief of Police David Wilson that will go into effect three months from now. All groups were said to have concerns over Deputy Chief Bob Wren being next in line for the job because of his comments made about police brutality last semester.

A.S. Political Senator McBride said that the senate has not drafted an official resolution; however, they are working on an “public forum” where students would be able to meet all the candidates that would fill in the role of Police Chief.

McBride added, “We recognize that we need to meet all of the candidates, because it’s not just Bob Wren.”

It was also announced that Michael Gregoryk, Vice President of Administrative Services, will oversee all personnel choices and Wren will oversee the operational day to day items. McBride also said the Senate will be pushing forward asking for a student voice on the hiring committee for the next police chief to make sure that the Mt. SAC student population is represented.

If you are interested in being a part of the committee, please contact Associated Students. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays from 11:30-2 p.m. at the Student Life Center in Building 9C or call (909) 274-4525.

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