Parking Is Not The Problem, You Are


If you had just gotten here earlier you’d have plenty of place to park.

I wish my biggest problem in life was finding a parking spot.

You would think we were at the University of Spoiled Children with how up in arms students get over such a trivial issue.

I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you sealed your own fate when you decided to come to Mt. SAC at that time. Maybe, just maybe you could take a little personal accountability next time you choose your classes, hon!

Instead of choosing a 9:45 or later, maybe you should pick an earlier class. Shocker, I know. The campus is a barren wasteland at 6:30 a.m. and there are still places to park at 7:30.

I know this because I walk past Parking Lots B & D every single day. I even see lots G and H relatively empty at 6:45 on Mondays and Wednesdays despite the business classes starting at 7.

Maybe you’re responsible. Despite being someone who wants to sleep in, or has some job, you get here early and aren’t one of the speeders that cause accidents.

Do you want a sticker? That’s called being an adult, it’s your job to get to class on time and to make accommodations for traffic and parking.

Oh dear, you have been an adult who got here X minutes early, but STILL can’t find a spot. Boo hoo!

Come earlier then. I get that you don’t want to make Mt. SAC your second home, but you can utilize that extra time you would otherwise be spending waiting to park in or outside the media center studying.

But I come here an hour and 30 minutes early! Well then you obviously make poor decisions if you can’t find a parking spot in an hour and 30 minutes. Either get here at a far earlier time or consider using an alternative form of transportation.

Or, hang in there with me, you could park way off campus and use those two limbs you have below your torso and move!

Ah, how silly of me, you want to park close to your next class and that’s why you’re waiting.

Don’t park at all then. If you seriously can’t come in the early morning, you are unwilling to park in the boonies, and you’re spending most of your time waiting to park let’s consider a brand new option.

Foothill Transit. You pay eight dollars whether you use it or not, might as well alleviate your problem and quit your complaining by taking *GASP* public… transportation….

I take the 194 religiously, and have never had to worry about traffic or being too tired to drive. I get to spend a half hour relaxing in a seat with no concerns. It’s 100% me time, that I can spend reading, thinking, or talking to other riders.

How’s that for your morning commute? No longer do you have to worry about some jerk cutting you off or spending a while parking – the bus comes every 20-40 minutes on a posted schedule.

Yet people choose, and you can choose to take the bus, schedule better times, park in different locations, or come earlier.

Or you can continue to be a part of the self-fulfilling problem, and keep whining about the parking “situation” when it is really all about your personal situation.

But please do tell me more about how parking is so awful, I’ll laugh in your face. If parking is seriously your biggest problem, you’ve got a pretty charmed life.