Free Feminine Hygiene Products For All!….. Hopefully


You don’t have to worry about rushing around, frantically asking someone if you can have a tampon or pad, because Associated Students has your back.

A.S. has started an initiative to install feminine hygiene dispensers that will be FREE for students on campus.

A.S. President Brian Moon has taken charge of this movement. Moon shared how important it was for these products to be easily accessible for students on campus.

“Basic hygiene is not a luxury, but a right,” Moon said. “As a man, I don’t have to worry about access to hygiene products when I go to the bathroom, why should anyone else?”

A.S. plan to install the dispensers in the following locations:

A.S. has pushed this project in an effort to promote equality on campus. The feminine hygiene initiative is currently waiting for vendor approval. It will likely be on the Board of Trustees agenda for this month.

As of now, students can take advantage of the free products that Mt. SAC offers at the Health Center located in Building 67B.

Please take this survey to give A.S. feedback. Associated Students is located in the Student Life Center, Building 9C. If you have any questions, please contact A.S. President Brian Moon at (909)-274-2953.