Campus Safety Denied Entry To Classrooms


Hernandez Coke

Academic Senate members during meeting on Thursday, April 26 in Building 10, Founder Hall. Photo Credit: Hernandez Coke/SAC.Media

Mt. SAC’s Academic Senate met on Thurs., May 10 at Founder’s Hall for a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss three resolutions and five action items.

Resolution 18-03 is in opposition to classroom disruptions by campus safety.

The board of executives voted 6-5 to consider two alternative versions for the next meeting, and the resolution resolved that Public Safety will not enter unless requested to enter or in case of emergency.

Of the action items, two passed as stated: D and E. Item D referred to AP 5012 regarding international students, and Item E referred to AP 5043 regarding use of social security numbers.

AP 5012 International Students refers to the special power Mt. SAC has to offer an (I-20) certificate for international students obtaining an (F-1) Student Academic Visa if they qualify.

As of Jan., 1, 2007, AP 5043 use of Social Security Numbers ensures the college cannot display social security numbers. It also outlines the only exceptions to that and other rules if the college has used the number in that manner before 2004 that it may keep doing so.

The items were to correct errors in the text of the administrative procedures, removing the term visas in one section of 5012, and changing the reference to Civil Code Section 1798.85 for 5043.

Item B was passed as a postponement, as the CTE Liaison position will not be dissolved yet. The senate member who advocated for postponement said they just need more time to get it together.

The original motion to dissolve was withdrawn, and the amended motion to postpone passed unanimously.

Item C was postponed originally and passed after several issues with how the Basic Skills Budget was displayed. There was an error in how the projector displayed the information and it took two other attempts after the original postponement to get voted on.

Integrated budgets are still on hold, but after the two Faculty Association representatives left, the resolution passed with only three abstaining votes. The main reason this budget was not postponed to the next meeting was due to the time sensitive nature of funding.

Only one item, Item A, regarding Emeritus Status Conferral for Administrators, failed to pass.

The honorary title “Emeritus” refers to an individual who has retired or left an institution, but may still hold their previous title from the institution as an honor.

There will not be emeritus status conferral for administrators. One member brought up that it “could dilute our title” and others discussed what the ramifications of passing it included.

Chisato Uyeki, who seconded most other motions, said the item had “almost no information” regarding its implementation.

The other voters concurred, with one member expressing that Cal Poly gives out titles as well, but that the title means different things at different places.

The conferral would have allowed honorably discharged staff to hold an emeritus title, but the item did not specify how many or who would be able to receive the title.

Faculty Association President Eric Kaljumägi explained that the title shouldn’t be bestowed by the Academic Senate, but rather an emeritus group. He quipped when he said “graduates are student emeritus” making the crowd laugh.

It ended with around five in favor and over 10 nays, leading to the motion failing.

The Faculty Association’s report was handed out to those in attendance, and outlined that there are no declared candidates for the Arts, Business, or Natural Science divisions, with ballots being due back by Thurs., May 31.

The Faculty Association Report to the Academic Senate.

Kaljumägi went over the flyer, and addressed issues including the FA Representative Council of Tues., May 1, FA committee vacancies, Faculty Appreciation Day of Tues., May 8, the Retirement and Tenure Tea of Tues., May 15, the Medical Benefit Forum of Fri., May 18, the Board of Trustees election forum of Tues., June 5, and the FA Awards Reception of Sat., June 9.

The Associated Students representative went over the two projects they are undertaking: Feminine Hygiene and Transportation. The representative explained the pilot program, and ideas for carpooling, ride sharing, and night trams.

The next Academic Senate meeting will be held on Thurs., May 24 in Founder’s Hall.