No, I’m Not Your Gay Best Friend


Cartoon of Joseph Harvey. Photo Credit: John Athan/SAC.Media.

Honestly, what grinds my gears is when girls assume that I want to be their gay best friend, or GBF. I’m a very friendly person. If you meet me, you’ll automatically know the type of person that I am.

I am genuine, but when a straight girl all of a sudden gets the slightest hint that I am gay, they feel that we’re somehow linked like fucking scissor sisters. I am not your token gay. I am not your GBF.

I am not going to go shopping with you and I don’t care that you wish I were straight; because the reality is that I wouldn’t date you if I were.

Now I may come off like a complete asshole right now, but over the course of my 21 years of life I’ve had seven girls tell me that I am their GBF. I honestly don’t see the appeal of having one either.

We’re all bitches who are going to talk behind your back eventually. A lot of us don’t have a passion for fashion; I honestly wear whatever is on the floor of my room that is somewhat clean.  

And please, stop with the “YAAAAASSSSS,” “YASSSS QUEEEENN,” “SLLLAAAAAYYY,” or the “WEEEEERRRRRKKKK.” It’s not cute.

It was cute when it started, but now IT’S NOT CUTE. Like I said, I am a really nice person, I promise, but I want people to fall in love with the person that I am, not the person that people assume that I am.