Associated Students Approves Spending $150,000 For Campaign


Political Senator, Matthew Mc Bride, led the discussion on changing and updating the resolution. Photo credit: Joshua Sanchez/SAC.Media.

Associated Students AS passed two resolutions with a unanimous vote at their Tuesday, May 29 senate meeting in the 9C council room, however, lack of preparation turned the meeting into a tutoring session.

Resolution 9 is focused on funding to maintain Building 9 and support the bond campaign to fund the new Student Life Center. AS will prioritize the construction of the new student life center over all other construction projects.

Resolution 9 made adjustments to allow for easier access of reserve funds, pending the approval of a larger spending window presented in Resolution 9. Resolution 9’s passing allowed for the spending of reserve funds between $50,000 to $150,000.

With the spring semester coming to an end, the current AS Senate was pushing to approve a few more motions. Political Senator, Matthew Mc Bride and Athletics Senator, Lucky Morales proposed a minor adjustment to Administrative Procedures AP 5420.

The proposed adjustment would restrict spending of the reserve under 250 percent of the operational budget without further approval by the Student Services Vice President. This additional procedure will further control finances to help ensure that AS does not exceed spending.

McBride and Morales presented the document with a few alterations to include this change. However, as the two awaited approval during discussion, it was discovered that the entire document was outdated and filled with several errors. This included incorrect terminology, misspellings, unnecessary points and confusing phrases.

“This is why stuff doesn’t get done here,” Jesus Garcia future Inter Club Council ICC Co-Chair said.

Luckily, the Senate was able to complete all the revisions and motion to pass the updated AP just three minutes before the meeting time limit.

“We see this happening all the time and it’s unprofessional for them to present articles that are not even ready to be seen,” Garcia said.

Garcia was sworn into the ICC Co-Chair position later that day. He said that he hopes the upcoming executive board can push the senate into being more prepared and time efficient.

During reports, Student Services Vice President Audrey Yamagata-Noji shared that Red Cross reported Mt. SAC as the winner of the annual “Out for Blood” competition against Cal Poly Pomona. The friendly competition has been around since 2006 and promotes blood donations.

“Saving lives and how many lives that translates into,” Yamagata-Noji said in regards to the importance of blood donations. Yamagata-Noji went on to announce that on June 6 Mt. SAC will be hosting a blood drive at the 9C stage and on Thursday, June 7 in a Red Cross Mobile Blood Bus.

A.S. also has an ongoing Teddy Bear donation drive, that has become a general stuffed animal drive, which ends Monday, June 4.

“We want our donation box stuffed,” Giovanni Rodriguez said, amid laughter from members and the public.

“I was just realizing that this is my last report. The last time I will know you all, but it has been great working with you all,” Daniel Garcia AS Vice President said.

This was the final meeting for the AS Senate Executive Board for this semester and several AS members said their goodbyes and shared their gratitudes. They wished all students good luck in their classes and on finals.