Educate Yourself Before You Buy


I love shopping. The feeling of trying on clothes and getting the confidence boost from the mirror who becomes a best friend is amazing. Then there comes that glorious moment of walking to the cashier. But the thing that I’ve been seeing lately is young kids wearing graphic t-shirts of bands and TV shows that don’t belong in their own era.

Now, I am all for teaching the younger era who these cultural time influences are such as Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. But most of the younger generation won’t know songs like “Going to California” or “The Trooper.”

I see younger kids wearing T-shirts with the iconic logo of Friends and they won’t know that I grew up with the friends gang telling me that they would always be there for me whenever I turned on the Tv.

Who can forget how the bell always rang letting us know that Saved By the Bell was starting or how Zack broke the fourth wall whenever a problem came up.

These are the moments that my sister won’t be able to experience and feel joy from and that is okay. She has her own TV shows and artist to build memories upon. So when I see kids wearing these shirts or hear kids saying “I love Led Zeppelin” I swerve my head in their direction and just stare because, well, I can’t do anything else.

If kids are to wear graphic tees that have bands on them or TV shows, they should be educated. They shouldn’t wear it just because it looks cool, they should wear it because they genuinely love  who is on their shirt.

Wear something that makes you feel cool and confident, but please make sure you know who you are wearing and not just the mainstream marketing trends. It would be a shame if someone were to ask you what your favorite song is or say a quote from the show.

Educate yourself before you buy.