Greta Van Fleet Brings Classic Rock To Millennials

Classic rock has made its triumphant return with its newest band Greta Van Fleet. The Michigan-based band is a must-listen for lovers of the old, but classic style of music, we so often heard blasting in our parents’ radios growing up.

“From the Fires” is an album for fans of ’70s classic rock and young guns wanting to claim the genre for their generation. The nostalgia of the incredible guitar riffs from Jake Kiszka, the long-endangered, high-pitched howl in the voice of lead singer Josh Kiszka, and the intense hammering drums of days passed from drummer Danny Wagner; would all make Led Zeppelin proud.

“No stopping on the highway girl/Because I want to burn my gas,” Josh sings in the band’s most successful track “Highway Tune.” The lyrics give off the ’70s vibe that was once profound to that generation of time.

“Black Smoke Rising” is their most progressive song with lyrics like “Many people are dividing/and a world apart with just one heart.”

Words reminiscent of those of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin on songs like “Kashmir.”

“To sit with elders of a gentle race this world has seldom seen,” Plant sings.

With songs on the album like “Safari Song,” Greta Van Fleet expresses their love of classic rock music with thundering drums and a tremendous howl to end the song from Kiszka, perfect to profess your love to that special gal.

“Oh mama when you give your love, when you give your love you drive me crazy,” Kiszka sings.

The band has received these comparisons to Led Zeppelin humbly, but are not surprised given their lead singer’s remarkable vocals. Greta Van Fleet also does not shy away from these comparisons, as Zeppelin is one of their biggest influences. Josh Kiszka has said himself that he had to develop his voice in the same way Robert Plant once did.

“Is that the guy from Detroit? He’s pretty good. There’s a job for him somewhere,” Plant said.

Greta Van Fleet is a need-to-know band for millenials. They are a millenial’s Led Zeppelin and that kind of music is must-listen-to in this day and age. They have developed somewhat of a following thus far but we have to make sure this band never dies and continues to take us back to the good old days, no matter how old their listeners are.