A New Hope


I’ve always been proud to be a part of the nerd culture. I know that there’s a distinction between being a nerd and being a geek, but I’ve always seen myself as both though usually calling myself a nerd, as that’s generally the more mainstream concept.

Anyone who personally knows me, knows my love of tinkering with new and old technology whenever I get the chance to, and my dream of being a part of the tech world in some shape or form once I leave college. While I see myself as part of both worlds, something has been happening in the nerd culture that we really need to address.

For those who are part of my culture, and are taking a negative part of this debacle, you disappoint me.

Last year, Disney came out with the latest (a Solo story withstanding) chapter in their Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi. Fans, myself included, were ecstatic to find out what the next chapter would hold.

Side note, I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t the greatest movie of all time to me, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

The Last Jedi introduced a new character, Rose Tico who was portrayed by the talented Kelly Marie Tran, who some of the very loud fanbase, absolutely hated. Rose is the younger sister to Paige, a gunner in the resistance, who sacrifices herself in the opening scene.

When Rose is introduced, she is seen mourning her sister’s death moments before meeting Finn (one of the main characters, a stormtrooper who turned against the First Order in the 2015 film) for the first time. As the story progresses, she and Finn go to Canto Bight in their side adventure before rejoining with the other characters for the movie’s climax.

Many people voiced their opinion on Rose’s and Finn’s side adventure as being useless, though their conversations provided a lot of info to the current state of the Star Wars’ universe.

More than anything, the voiced opinion of many fans was specifically directed on the uselessness of Rose’s character. I think that’s completely fine, people are free to hate a character of the franchise that they’ve been in love with since, well whenever they fell in love with the series. But here’s why my people disappoint me.

It’s okay to hate the character, but never, and I mean never, is it okay to attack the person.

I get it. I’m passionate about a lot of series myself, I’ve been pissed at the direction some of my favorite series have taken (looking at you Pokémon Go 2.0). I am very vocal about my displeasure when this happens. However, not once have have I thought to myself, “I should send death threats to Junichi Masuda (director of Pokémon Let’s Go!),” just because I’m not a fan of the Pokémon Go mechanics in the upcoming Switch title.

Like, what the fuck guys?

Pardon my language but what makes you think it’s okay to act this way?

First of all, Kelly Marie Tran is not her character. She is a real person portraying a character in a movie. Period.

I understand, you didn’t enjoy the character, but that does not give anyone the right to attack the actor or actress of a character you did not like. Second of all, she didn’t create the character, and even if she did, what makes anyone think this is acceptable behavior?

Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed in what has been going on recently, and this isn’t the first time something this ludicrous of a situation has happened.

We, as fans and part of this culture, should never gate keep or attack anyone that is or will become a part of our community, especially when this person is part of why this community exists in the first place. I’m at a loss for words on how this situation got as far as it did.

In all honesty, I wasn’t a fan of her character either. I think her character was a weak one compared to the other amazing characters that have come out from Disney’s Star Wars. I don’t think, however, that she should have to deal with any hatred that she’s been receiving, causing her to even delete her instagram posts because of this harrassment.

I know my opinion might not change these fans to have a change of heart. But maybe, just maybe, Mark Hamill’s amazing tweet, might start to make a difference: