A Life-Changing, Heart-Wrenching True Crime Story


“The Keepers” is a mystery-murder docu-series that contains seven episodes of continuous unsolved mysteries. It’s a thriller of unfortunate injustice featuring innocent women who have tried to speak up about a horrifying crime that affected them from their past. If that doesn’t make you more interested here’s a little more about it.

Directed by Ryan White, “The Keepers” is based around the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnick. She was a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School, an all-girls Catholic school, which is then investigated to be a real-life hell scene as the Priest Joseph Maskell was sexually abusing several young girls in the school.

The documentary is raw and extremely unpleasing at times when the women open up about their experience. Throughout the documentary, these brave women try to solve one main question: who murdered Sister Cathy? The real problem becomes justice, which the women are trying to seek revelation from. They are the true investigators as they reach out to find these answers through one source, such as Facebook. The mystery has been undergoing for more than 5 decades while justice is still not met. Only the women, who were once Sister Cathy’s students, are able to keep the case alive.

Its heart wrenching to watch what unfolds in the documentary but if I didn’t watch it, I would have not known anything about it. It sort of changed me in a way because I personally felt like I was sitting there in person listening to these women speak in front of me. This documentary is the voice the women did not have before it. It is an evocative true-crime, honestly wishing that things didn’t turn out the way it did. It is not just any documentary, it is informative about what goes on underground when you would have least expected it.

Although “The Keepers” was released last summer May 2017 on Netflix, the documentary currently is a five star rating, which provides better reasoning as to why I believe that this is a must see. It did not strike my mind to click on it right away until I couldn’t find anything else to watch. Once I clicked, I watched the whole series that same day and I am happy I did. It is cliffhanging and a well worth binge-watch as the obscurity of the murder is questionable and how the case has been handled then and now. Two questions now remain: what are you waiting for? Who killed Sister Cathy?