Seat Etiquette Is A Thing?


The view from mid-level seats at Dodger Stadium. Photo by Miranda Virgen/SAC Media.

I love going to baseball games, especially Dodger games. I love being around other fans who share the same love for the team.

However, seat etiquette at baseball games needs to be improved.

The atmosphere of Dodger Stadium is usually fun and energetic. I went to a dozen games last year and did not have any issues.

The people who have sat by me this season are different. For some reason, the people who have sat near me have been made it difficult to enjoy the game. This season, a few instances stand out.

At one of the most recent games, the group of people behind me have disrupted my experience throughout the entire game. I have field level season tickets and I would expect people to be just as courteous as those in other sections of the stadium.

Dodger Stadium view from Field Level on Saturday, May 26. Photo by Miranda Virgen/ SAC.Media

Two female adults, one adult male, and one male teenager sat directly behind me. During the second inning, the male teenager stood in the middle of the aisle, blocking the walkway and view of the game, to take a picture.

Now, I’m all for documenting your experience at the game but at least do it before or after the game. There were no people sitting in the seats in front of them, which were the seats right next to me, and the teenager decides to lay his legs over the seats. His feet were right next to me as I was trying to eat. He was spread out like he was watching the game in his living room.

Then, the ladies had very large jackets and purses that they kept on their laps. They continuously stood up throughout the game and hit me almost every time they stood up. They knew what they had done because they went quiet each time.

By far, the worst experience I have had at a Dodgers game was when I was stuck next to two couples that were on a double date. The couple that sat in front of me got there during the second inning. The couple that sat next to me got there around the fifth inning.

They were all wasted. I’m talking like loud and obnoxious wasted. The guy who was sitting in front was constantly turned around so he could talk to his friend. At the same time, he was blocking everyone else’s view of the field.

Throughout the entire game, the woman who was sitting next to me was constantly snap-chatting and posting on her Instagram stories. Again, I understand this, but please do not announce it to everyone what you are doing every single time.

Do not snapchat the people who are next to you if they are strangers!!!! I had to constantly move around to avoid being in her videos. She was on her phone the entire time. Seriously.

The entire time she was “Hi guys!!!! We are out here at the Dodger game. GOOOOO Dodgers!”

There are rules that are in place but need to be enforced more. Dodger Stadium shows video packages about being kind to fellow fans. However, they need to show these videos right before the game starts rather than an hour before. Most fans are not in their seats. I think the later the videos are shown, the amount of bad experiences will decrease.

When you go to a baseball game, or any other sporting event, please remember that you are seated very close to other people. Everything you do affects those around you. They show those video packages before the game for a reason. Please do not be disruptive or obnoxious. Please just watch the game and be kind to those around you.