The Major League Baseball Team That Was Actually Born In Los Angeles


Los Angeles Angels home opener at Angel Stadium on Friday, March 2. Photo Credit: Jesse Lopez/SAC.Media.

Autry, had complete ownership of the Angels franchise for the first 36 years from 1961 to 1996.

In 2005 Arte Moreno, a Mexican-American businessmen purchased the Anaheim Angels from Walt Disney Company for $180 million. Again, bringing a name change to the Angels team. Moreno had the team’s name changed back to the 1961 Los Angeles Angels name with an agreement with the City of Anaheim to incorporating its name in it, officially naming the team Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Moreno’s reason for the name change was due to marketing with an attempt to increase revenue, which actually workout for Moreno and his team.

The team’s name change lead to fans and residents in disagreement with Moreno’s decision. Moreno’s team name change eventually made its way to court, but was dropped in 2009 allowing Moreno to keep the name Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.