Nerd News Summer Edition

Every week there’s something happening in the world of nerds. As summer is drawing to a close, who’s excited to return back to school? Let’s get started!

We finally got a release date on Devil May Cry 5, which comes out early next year on March 8. We got a bit more info on other games that were already revealed such as the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, where you’ll be able to not only choose your gender, but also your partner, as well as were re-introduced to the one and only Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

But what I personally think is the most exciting news to come out of Gamescom this year has got to be Bandai Namco (Dark Souls 3, Witcher 3) teaming up with Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) to bring us the “Are You Afraid of the Dark” video game edition. I kid of course, but the idea is essentially that they’ll be bringing us a series of horror games to scare our pants off. Known as The Dark Pictures Anthology, the first game in the series, Man of Medan, is scheduled to be released in 2019. My body is ready for some highly anticipated goosebumps:

Unfortunately the keynote didn’t really show us anything other than how reflections will look amazing, and they do look amazing, in games that will be able to utilize ray tracing. However, since the previous cards don’t utilize that fancy ray tracing technology, many of us were left wanting more, specifically, a tell rather than show on how the new cards compare to the old ones. We did not receive this.

We were promised the cards will be twice as fast, 50 percent faster than it’s predecessor, but we weren’t shown what frames per second, FPS, would look like on the new cards compared to the old ones with current games. In addition, the one thing that was highly showcased, is the first thing most people turn off to get higher FPS, game shadows. That coupled with the hefty price tag of $1,999, $799, and $599 for the 2080 ti, 2080, and 2070 respectively, well let’s just say that for the price of the new 2080 ti you can get two 1080 ti and SLI it (use two at once).

If the only improvement really is nicer shadows, I’d just recommend you get a 1080 ti as they are still power houses when all is said and done, and they’re almost as cheap (pricey) as the new 2070s.

California’s SB 822 net neutrality bill has, through quite a bit of hurdles, been restored to be the best state level net neutrality bill it once was, and it’s finally headed to a vote on the Assembly floor.

Call, email, anything short of harass your California State Assembly member and urge them to vote to pass SB 822. Currently, according to (who makes it really easy to reach out to your Assembly member), only 18 out of 80 members support reinstating a strong net neutrality bill.

We have our work cut out for us.

See you again next week!

Seriously, don’t be this guy.