Academic Senate’s First Meeting Has Members Saying “Hell Yeah”


Academic Senate meeting. Photo Credit: Joshua Sanchez/SAC.Media

Ever heard 20 plus faculty members shout “hell yeah” in unison?

Well the Academic Senate meeting on Thursday, Sept. 6 had its members use that phrase as their approving vote.

The phrase was used in what is called an “acclamation.” Martin Ramey, president of the senate, introduced approval by acclamation after going over several procedure measures.

Much like the Associated Students senate and executive board meetings, some members were still learning how to properly participate in these meetings.

Academic Senate’s first “hell yeah” was fairly soft, even though the members felt strongly about item K, Resolution 18-XX.

That resolution was about the governor’s proposed funding formula for community colleges. Governor Jerry Brown’s formula would allocate funds to colleges based upon performance.

Performances can mean the numbers of degrees, certificates, and credit completion. Members of the senate argued that the performance-based funding has not met college or student goals.

Eric Kaljumagi, president of the Faculty Association, used his son as an example of this point.

Kaljumagi said that degrees are not the reason people are here, and likened them to a checkpoint. He added that his son already got his degree and is coming back for animation classes.

This sentiment was started by the president of the college earlier in the meeting.

President William “Bill” Scroggins also made a guest appearance for 10 minutes before the later reports and votes.

“Performance funding never works,” Scroggins said. “Do not just kowtow to the chancellor.”

“Their interpretation is warped,” Scroggins added before praising the Academic Senate and requesting they take action accordingly.

As he left, Ramey said “see you in an hour or so” to laughter.

After the first vote on the five discussion items turned action items (because they were resolutions), he brought this up again, joking that they needed a louder “hell yeah for Bill.”

After two amendments to the language of the resolution, it passed with a unanimous “hell yeah.”

After three more acclamations, Kaljumagi had to stop the roll, as the last resolution concerned the Faculty Association.

Item O, also titled Resolution 18-XX, referred to recognizing class size considerations. The Faculty Association is to meet a memorandum of understanding with the district, in the amended terms of the resolution

Kaljumagi requested they approve it through a more contemporary approval vote, because of how an acclamation vote would potentially look to the district.