Future Winter Intersessions May Be Cancelled


Several students await their chance to speak in favor of the social justice degree. Photo Credit: Audrey Parayno/SAC.Media.

Come 2021, there may no longer be winter intersessions at Mt. SAC.

At least that was what was said at Academic Senate’s Nov. 8 meeting; the Faculty Representative Council will hold a final vote on Dec. 6 to determine whether or not to keep the winter intersession on the calendar for the academic year of 2020-2021.

This decision to change the academic calendar could cause problems for several students and faculty, as the term has some of the highest levels of success and completion rates.

“It would be absolutely disastrous for health related CTE programs,” senator-at-large and psychiatric health technician, Bruce Nixon said.

CTE programs that involve radiology, aeronautics, and paramedics will be affected, and contracts would need to be re-negotiated if winter intersession were to be removed.

Faculty Association Vice President Joan Sholars urged for faculty to speak to their department representatives regarding the two proposed calendars.

While winter intersession could be cancelled, the anticipated social justice degree might be here by fall of next year.

During public comment, student trustee Gabriel Alfaro spoke on behalf of students who are frustrated with the continued absence of a social justice AA-T.

“I think that everybody here supports the idea of social justice and social equality,” Alfaro said. “So, we should be working toward making those things a reality, and making sure that we have our students taking classes to promote those things.”

Inter-Club Council Co-chair Jesus Garcia, who oversees all 60 clubs at Mt. SAC, spoke of the lack of representation at Mt. SAC.

“We are one of the biggest community colleges and instead of leading the example, we should be the example,” Garcia said. “We were the first school to have a DREAM center, and I feel that we should be the first school to offer these classes out here.”

Co-Vice President of Academic Senate Lisa Soto reported that by the fall of 2019, the social studies degree and curriculum should be offered to students.

According to Soto, the social justice degree is currently in stage five out of seven, and Assistant Curriculum Liaison of the Educational Design Committee, Dianne Rowley, outlined the rest of the process.

Once the curriculum passes the Curriculum and Instruction Council, it is then sent to Chancellor’s office for approval, she said.

Academic Senate President Martin Ramey also addressed students concerns of diversity on campus when reading the president reports.

He urged for departments to have a diverse hiring committee and to think of the image they are presenting to potential applicants. “We want to attract diverse faculty that represent our diverse student population,” Ramey said.

The next Academic Senate meeting is on Nov. 29.


Correction Nov. 15, 2:20 p.m.: The 2019-2020 calendar was approved at the Board of Trustees meeting and the 2020-2021 calendar was discussed. 

The lead originally said “Come 2020…” this has been changed to “Come 2021…” as the 2019-2020 calendar states that there will be an intersession in 2020.