Associated Students Senator Responds to Backlash


Academic Senate meets for their last senate meeting of Fall 2018. Photo Credit: Joshua Sanchez/SAC.Media.

One of the shortest Academic Senate meetings took place on Thursday, Nov. 29.

As the last meeting of the senate everything was approved in 31 minutes, with no report from the president, vice president, non-credit liaison, Faculty Association, student preparation and success council, faculty professional development council and dual enrollment liaison.

There were minor reports from a few groups, but Faculty Relations Senator Jacob Duarte’s report was the longest.

At the end of his report, he responded to a formal comment made by SAC.Media’s Managing Editor Brigette Lugo during public comment in reference to Duarte calling an opinion-editorial written by the SAC.Media Editorial Board “Fake News.”

“Duarte misrepresented the article by calling it a news story when it was in fact a well researched opinion editorial written by the editorial board,” Lugo said. “One would think that a student association on campus would not resort to name calling.”

Duarte’s responded after giving his planned report.

“Those are false claims,” he said.

Then he added that he stands by all of his comments with only one amendment.

“I now amend my comment to insufficient news,” said Duarte.

“Once again, Duarte has proven he does not know the difference between an opinion editorial piece and a news story,” Lugo responded after the meeting.

After this report, Mt. SAC President William “Bill” Scroggins gave the meeting its length by updating the senate on Academic and Mutual Agreement Council and other issues.

Scroggins quipped that in order to get something through Sacramento, it should be called a promise.

Following the discussion, all items were approved without discussion.

“You make this super easy, people,” secretary Serena Ott, who was filling in for the president and vice president, said.

Ott also announced that the sociology department will hold the “Stop Human Trafficking” event on Dec. 6 in building 13 from 3 to 5 p.m.

After announcements, including the last Academic Senate meeting of the year concluded.

The next meeting is on March 7 of next year, and the last executive board meeting is on Dec. 6 of this year.