10 Tracks You Need For the Rainy Mood

The early December issue for all of your music needs that features the best of what is releasing currently and hits that perfectly hit the mood for the rainy season. This week, we’re featuring artists that represent the lo-fi, R&B and indie sounds for a mellow night. Also featuring rising artists out of the Los Angeles music scene along with artists who create a new sound all on their own. These are some of my favorites for the chilly November weather in no particular order. Cheers.

Connan Mockasin

The musician who defines what it means to bend the genres of fuzzy guitar tones and melodic jazz melodies brings us a new album that was released in October of this year titled “Jassbusters.” After touring with the likes of Radiohead, Mockasin has developed a cult that is revolved around his unique twist on theatrical music videos, an artsy appeal in his songs. Tthe track “Charlotte’s Thong” is a classic Mockasin track that will leave you wanting more of his dreamy and seductive sound.

Dreamer Boy

Zach Taylor, who is otherwise known as Dreamer Boy, is a dream pop artist who uses the folk aspects from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee and brings us his first debut album titled “Love, Nostalgia.” The album that just released earlier this week is a beautiful story of poetic love tales and pop synth tones. Dreamer Boy produced this whole album in his room earlier this year and finally brought it to life. Enjoy the track off the new album titled “Orange Girl” that will surely get you in the groove for a night out.

City Girl

The leading lady in chillwave and electronica beats has a way of perfectly balancing calming melodies and soothful synth sounds. An album titled “Celestial Angel” that was released this past month is a perfect record to play while winding down at the end of the night of even finishing up some homework. The track “Nobody” is filled with sweetly played piano tones and electro bass beats.


Djavan Santos, who is mostly known by his music name D33J, is a Los Angeles based musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist that defines the use of lo-fi sounds and rap melodies. He is also known for being in the Los Angeles based music collective WEDIDIT, who is also found and known for artists such as RL Grime and Shlohmo. His newest album that dropped during the week titled “Infinity 33” is the ultimate experimental mixtape. Enjoy the new track off the album “10k Froze” that is full of lo-fi and breezy electronic sounds.


Idris Vucuna, who goes by the name Eyedress, is a Filipino garage pop musician and producer who is based in Manila, Philippines. Eyedress is one of the first artists out of the small city from Manila to be signed to a major record label deal. Eyedress unfolds his newest and first album “Sensitive G” that takes us through a shoegaze and indie rock movie. The track titled “Alone Time” is a sweet guitar wave tune that will put you in the mood to relax and take a breather.


Oklahoma dream pop band Sports brings us a classic track titled “Whatever You Want” off the album “People Can’t Stop Chillin” that was debuted in 2016 and still stands as one of the most influential DIY pop albums of the year. We’re bringing this album back all due to the melodic and synth-pop feel this band gives us, especially during the rainy November weather.

Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is a Canadian soul and R&B artist that instantly pulls us in with his emotional and relatable lyrics that have given Caesar international praise after his release for the debut album “Freudian.” Caesar has paved the way of using gospel like flows through his songs while adding classic R&B flavor. At only 23, he has defined what it means to be a small town and low-income teenager who only put his music on Soundcloud for the world to find. The new track released in early October titled “Who Hurt You” is sure to put you in the sensual mood.

Jhene Aiko

Born and raised Los Angeles, R&B songwriter Jhene Aiko gave us a beautifully developed album titled “Trip” in the year of 2017. An album that we had to bring back for the rainy vibe and a record that Jhene sweetly puts together to take us through her journey of love, pain, and flourishing through the loss of loved ones. A trip that lets us relax and reminds us what it means to love without any boundaries. The track “When We Love” talks about the walk she takes while falling in love for the first time after finally finding herself.


Cuco is a Los Angeles based DIY artist that struck major fame with his bedroom pop tracks early on off Soundcloud in 2016. His seven track EP has led him to landing on major music festival bills such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Tropicalia at the age of 20. Starting from playing at local backyard shows in Los Angeles has influenced his sound into a synth pop feel-good genre. One of the most promising rising artists out of the Los Angeles scene has brought us a new track that released this week titled “Melting.”

Tom Misch

One of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of our generation, Tom Misch, is a South London based artist. Misch flawlessly puts together elements of slung hip-hop beats, disco tones and a life of jazz influence from learning jazz guitar. The DIY feel he brings to his sound is something no other artist in the game has been capable to touch. Releasing tracks off of Soundcloud in 2012 that gained quick fame led him to the release of his debut album “Geography” in April of 2018. The track “Movie” is a satisfying tune that talks about the hard parts of letting a significant other go when you still feel in love, but know it has to be in order for life to unfold. A track that is sure to be on your next set of songs to jam out to while spending a night in to draw or even simple chores.