Christmas on the Queen Mary

Fun on a boat for the whole family


The Queen Mary Christmas

The first thing most people think about when The Queen Mary is mentioned is it’s haunting demeanor and ghost filled stories. During the month of December, though, the ship has opened its doors to all things Christmas for the whole family to enjoy. Scattered throughout the entire ship are activities for anyone of all ages.

First thing’s first- a map will be your best friend. The boat is really confusing without the guidance of a map, and I found myself lost many times, going up and down stairs and elevators trying to remember where all of the activities were. It didn’t help that everything on the boat looks almost the same.

One activity that seems to be very popular is the ice skating rink held on the top of the boat. For $15, guests are able to rent shoes and spend 45 minutes on the ice. Those who are inexperienced in ice skating are given a penguin to lean on while they are skating for support. Although this helped many people, there were still some the took hard hits to the ice.

Christmas Tree at The Queen Mary Christmas

One thing that many can see from far away is the tunnel of lights on the outside of the boat. With patterns of white and red and music being played in the speakers, the scene can make anyone feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

Every night, there is a tree lighting ceremony on the top of the ship. The tree is made up of green lights and is so dazzling and bright, one can see it from miles away. Being the perfect photo opportunity for your social media, families gather to take pictures to document the fun night.

The third and fourth floor is where most of the free activities take place. Guests are able to buy a hot cocoa and have the option of putting items such as marshmallows, peppermint candy and other delicious sweets into their drink. While sipping on hot cocoa, guests gather as Mrs. Claus comes out and reads stories in her big chair.

Just above on the fourth floor, Santa Claus is available for the perfect photo op with the whole family. Although you can’t take pictures of your own, a photo company takes professional pictures and are readily available for purchase. In the same room as Santa Claus is a stocking making workshop. A friendly elf walks around and helps prepare the one of a kind stockings.

Stocking Station at The Queen Mary Christmas

My favorite part of the event was watching all of the carolers. Whether it be a group of three women, or a barber shop quartet, the groups are guaranteed to make you smile and feel the joys of the holiday.

With many different Christmas events happening this month, The Queen Mary Christmas should definitely be on the top of your list. Although it might be geared more towards younger children, it is still a fun time for everyone who attends.

This event runs until Jan 6, 2019, so if you missed it so far, you still have plenty of time.

Tunnel of Lights at The Queen Mary Christmas