Mt.SAC Foundation

Giving back to our great campus


The Mt. SAC Foundation’s sole purpose is to support students and programs at the Mt. San Antonio College campus. For over 50 years the Foundation team has displayed genuine actions of giving back the campus and all of those who benefit from the community college.

They may make up a small team, but their passion and determination of helping both students and programs solidifies their true strengths. The Foundation has always benefited from their generous supporters and donors who continue to have a large involvement within the Mt.SAC campus.

With these donations students are given the access and tools to better themselves as they continue to further their education. What makes the foundation more notable is that anyone can be a donor. Support from others is what continues the to benefit the campus each year.

All of the donations are directed to the program or initiative of your choice, no credit card transaction fees are applied to donors.

With more than 200 programs, the Foundation supports an abundance of initiatives, including support for students in the Mt. SAC Fire Academy, sending choral singers overseas during competition season, and medical equipment for the nursing students.

Donations are always accepted and can be made at:

Give a gift today and thank you for helping make a difference in the community.