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Deputy Chief Bob Wren’s Active Shooter Survival Tips

Photo Credit: Alinna Boonklun/SAC.Media

Mass shootings and acts of violence have become a common occurrence unfortunately, so it is important to be prepared.

Deputy Chief Bob Wren held a workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 11 in the building 13 auditorium on what to do if there’s an active shooter.

Wren noted that there are two main obstacles in an active shooter scenario, the shooter and the clock. He told the audience that they should always keep in mind that they have to stay alive for a few more minutes before help can arrive.

“Five minutes, then seven minutes, then 10 minutes, keep thinking about staying alive longer,” Wren said.

There is a 92 percent stop rate by a single officer addressing an active shooter.

He told the audience the process they should follow:

Assess what is going on and where the incident is occurring, it is important to be aware in these situations. Next, figure out a plan to get far away quickly and safely. Be confident in your plan and stick to it.

Keep in mind that police response times vary so the sooner they know of the situation the sooner help will arrive. Some SWAT teams will also take an extended period of time before they arrive.

Get as far away as you can as quickly as possible. If there is an escape route then take it.

Most active shooters are not well trained shooters. It is harder for a shooter to hit a target that is further away. Keep moving around to make it harder for the shooter to hit you. Put as many things between you and the shooter as you can.

If you cannot run, then shelter in place.

Try to stay away from windows and barricade yourself by putting as many layers between you and the shooter as possible. Bullets lose speed with the more objects they go through.

Make it as hard as possible for the shooter to get into the area you are in, and be sure to silence all phones and remain as quiet as possible the entire time.

If there are no other options, then fight.

Remember that this is a fight to the death. This person is already shooting and killing people, so there is no negotiating with them.

Use everything as a weapon to try and incapacitate the shooter. Tables, chairs, staplers, and fire extinguishers can be discharged in the shooter’s face.

In short, assess the situation, make a plan and stick to it.

Call 911. Run far away quickly if possible, or hide and prepare to fight. Survival by any means necessary is key in an active shooter situation. Remain calm and stay focused the entire time to survive.

For a general guide on dealing with emergencies, check out this checklist.

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