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Candace Owens Hosts First BLEXIT Rally

Several other conservative thinkers came out to speak alongside Owens

The line went out the door and the event became standing room only for Candace Owens’ first of its kind event.

People of various backgrounds came out to the Globe Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 20 to check out what this whole event was about. For many of them, it was their first time at any event like this.

Omar Pryce, 36, found out about the event through Instagram and had not been to anything like this before.

He said he came out to see the multiple view points and added that he does his job, but has his own view points. He said everyone around him at his synagogue, work, and home are liberal, but he also spoke against tribalism by saying there were snowflakes on both sides.

Pryce said he likes the way Owens articulates herself, but personally considers Ben Shapiro as his go-to.

However, he is not your average conservative.

As a part of Senate Bill No. 261, he was able to go before the parole board after serving 16 years of a 24 year sentence for a robbery without physically harming anyone. The bill passed after he had served the majority of his sentence, but it helped parole those who committed offenses before turning 23.

As someone who had the book thrown at him, Pryce said he began to work on an undergrad in the system and now is a sociology major, on his way to becoming a licensed clinical social worker.

He had voted for Obama, but after looking at the 1960s and the present and finding several instances of the government hurting communities he began to question why people would want the government to become bigger.

Although he questioned why people wanted it, he recounted the words of Joe Biden. (He also joked that Biden was equivalent to when people say “their one black friend” as Biden shows he can quote a Democrat.)

The quote: “It’s always appropriate to question another man’s judgment, but never appropriate to question his motives.”

He paraphrased it to never doubt intentions, and said it goes along with Jewish teaching.

Many others, like Pryce, have unofficially already joined the BLEXIT movement.

According to statistics that were presented at the rally, the Hispanic approval rate for Trump has gone up from 25 percent to 51 percent, which is higher than Obama’s 49 percent.

This “Black and Latino exit from liberal ideology” was promoted heavily at the event among chants of “USA” and “build the wall.”

The speakers at the event included Owens, Larry Elder, Ann Coulter, Brandon Tatum, Major Williams, Rob Smith, David Harris Jr., and Will Witt.

There were also two panels, one on Latino issues including illegal immigration and another on hip-hop as it relates to the community.

The Latino panel was moderated by Jesse Holguin and hosted Anna Paulina, Benito Bernal, and Robby Starbuck; the hip-hop panel was moderated by An0maly and hosted Wil Johnson, Mike Ayetiwa, and Leo Dunson.

The Black and Latino community is going to save America,” Owens said at the start of the event.

Owens then went on to describe a turning point in her life when she went to a girl’s house at 5 for a playdate. This girl had a large Victorian house, while she was on low income housing, and she remembered being amazed that people could live like this.

She then spoke of the public school system as a means of indoctrination to these communities and said that this changes today.

“It’s not racism that keeps us out of the American Dream, it’s lies that keep us out of the American Dream,” she added.

She then introduced Larry Elder to the stage.

Elder said that there are three things one must do to escape poverty. People must graduate high school, not have a child by 20, and get married first.

He then pointed out that racism has nothing to do with those three things, and said that it was the breakdown of the family that holds back the black community the most.

He then added a personal touch regarding his own family.

Elder’s father did not show him affection, and at 15 Elder left the house to not speak to his dad for ten years. At 25, he passed the bar, but couldn’t sleep at night. He decided to come back to his dad for five minutes to rant at him, but the two ended up talking for eight hours.

When he had said his peace his father asked if that was it and then cried.

Elder’s father was 13 when he had Larry and was in the Jim Crow South. His father became one of the first black marines and cooked. Stateside he was not allowed to cook because of the color of his skin.

Yet he waited at the job office from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. for a day and a half until they found him a job cleaning toilets, which he did for over 10 years with minimal sleep, alongside night school and raising three boys.

Elder then said he told his father he was sorry. His father told him not to be and to just follow his instruction and remember that hard work wins.

Elder also read a poem that upset him in school, and then gave his mother’s perspective on the poem.

Once riding in old Baltimore,

Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,

I saw a Baltimorean

Keep looking straight at me.

Now I was eight and very small,

And he was no whit bigger,

And so I smiled, but he poked out

His tongue, and called me, ‘Nigger.’

I saw the whole of Baltimore

From May until December;

Of all the things that happened there

That’s all that I remember.

His mother took out a spoon and said what a shame they let that spoil it and then told Elder to never let anyone make him feel inferior.

After Elder was Ann Coulter.

Coulter explained how she really hates Trump until she hears the media lie, why illegal immigrants are wanted by the Democrats, and called modern journalism “wishful thinking.”

“We can’t make progress on anything until the media is 100 percent discredited,” Coulter said at the event.

Regarding massive reporter suicide, she said that they have “got to be killed for democracy to live.” Using an analogy to cancer, she also said Trump is chemotherapy for the country adding that he will suck for four years but that the New York Times editorial board will die so that America can live.

Following her was Brandon Tatum.

Tatum is a former police officer, but he started out as a football player until one ride along where an officer drove 70 to 80 mph to stop an attempted suicide, where the officer and Tatum almost died as well.

After that he became one.

“It’s hard to be racist as a police officer,” he said.

Raised as a Democrat, he changed his beliefs after Obama began to make comments about the police. Tatum knew the line of work and said Obama had no idea of what he was talking about when it came to the police, and that his comments hurt the police and his reputation as an officer.

He gave the statistic that a lightning strike is more likely than a police officer shooting an unarmed black individual, but also reminded people that people can still be a threat while unarmed.

He ended by asking why people generalize the police if they do not like people generalizing their race.

Following Tatum was Major Williams.

In his time, he did a physical demonstration.

Pretending to have a bag of money, he said the first person to come forward gets it.

After that person opened the bag and the box, they found shoes.

This, he said, is what the Democrats have been doing to the communities for years.

Rob Smith followed.

Smith represented the LGBT community as a gay man, to say that they too do not have to be Democrats.

He brought up the Kevin Hart situation and said they hijacked the group, as he does not have a problem after the first apology and subsequent change, years ago.

He said he has been brought closer to G-d and that he knows Jesus loves him. He closed by stating that politics was the religion of the LGBT left.

Following him was a very religious speech presented by David Harris Jr.

He spoke of his own struggles with drugs until he was saved on Oct 10, 1993 from a drug overdose.

He said his eyes went up and down rapidly for a minute, but a voice told him not to freak out and that it will pass.

Had he freaked out, his arteries would have exploded ending his life.

After losing everything, he came to G-d and asked what he wanted of him. He was told to go to church despite arguing with G-d. The church was completely packed, but one woman who was sitting third row on the left gave him her seat.

The sermon was on the prodigal son.

After that, he stopped crack and most drugs. Three months later he got back with his wife. Years later he quit drinking.

After a 32 minute intermission, Will Witt spoke.

His speech was about people being offended on others’ behalf for no reason.

Witt said that liberal professors teach this offense and then went on to discuss virtue signaling.

“White liberals are the most racist people,” Witt said.

He brought up Hillary Clinton saying she carries hot sauce in her purse and a personal anecdote of a TA saying he was oppressing a girl next to him by being white. The girl was not bothered by him only the TA, he added.

Witt closed with this remark, “What defines every American is not the color of their skin, but the ideas they hold.”

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